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Tags and othersuch for HTML5
<!doctype html>
How do you start an HTML document (and also tell the browser it is HTML5)?
What tags enclose HTML markup?
What tags contain information about the document?
What tags identify the content of the document?
What tags contain the content of the document?
What tags contain a paragraph?
What tags contain an unordered list with three items?
What tags contain a list item?
What tag defines a thematic break in a document?
What tag defines a line break in a document?
<a href="destination">link</a>
What tags contain a hyperlink
What tags emphasize text (defaults to italics)
Inserts a form set
Defines frames within a frame set
Marks beginning and end of frameset
Largest header size
2nd Largest header size
3rd Largest header size
4th Largest header size
5th Largest header size
6th Largest header size
<img src="" alt="">
Displays image on page
Defines an input type for a form
Creates a scrolling text effect
What tags contain an ordered list with two items?
<option selected>
Allows developers to define options from a set of selections
Defines an option in a selection list
What tags specifiy a section that is quoted from another source.
These tags enclose a piece of computer code
<textarea rows="" cols=""></textarea>
Enclose a multi-line text input
defines a table
defines a table header
defines a table row
defines a table cell
dedfines a table caption
defines a group of columns in a table, for formatting
specifies column properties for each column within a <colgroup> element.
groups the header content in a table
groups the body content in a table
These tags are used to group footer content in an HTML table.
What tag inserts a comment?
<area shape="" coords=",,," href="" alt="">
What tag defines an area inside an image-map?
<button type="button"></button>
What tags defines a clickable button?
Defines a division or a section in an HTML document. Used to group block-elements and format them with CSS.
<iframe src=""></iframe>
Specifies an inline frame. An inline frame is used to embed another document within the current HTML document.
Defines superscript text
Defines subscript text