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Primary Source

firsthand knowledge, you saw it

Primary Source

Photo, journal entry, diary

Secondary Source

Info taken from other sources, you were not there

Secondary Source

Textbook, Encyclopedia


situation with seemingly opposite things together


"In order to learn, you must forget all you know."

Context Clues

Use words around difficult word to figure out its meaning

1st Person POV

Uses "I" , narrator in story

3rd Person Limited

Uses "He/she", narrator NOT in story, know one person's thoughts

3rd Person Omniscient

Uses "He/she", know ALL characters' thoughts


to make an educated guess

Draw Conclusions

determine answer based on info in the text


What someone likes or dislikes


tells ONLY one side of the story, commercials or political ads

Plain Folks

Appeals to the common man

Plain Folks

Down Home Pancakes - Just like momma used to make 'em


Everybody is doing it


A famous person sells a product


Michael Jordan sells Hanes t-shirts.


Shift your respect from a professional to the product they recommend


8 out of 9 dentists recommend Colgate toothpaste.

Glittering Generalities

flashy name the doesn't make sense

Glittering Generalities

Ultra, Tide, Downy, Snuggle

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