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  1. Additional illness that either has an effect on the patient's primary illness or is also treated during the encounter.
  2. The section of the ICD-9-CM in which diagnosis codes are presented in numerical order.
  3. A patients description of the symptoms or other reasons for seeking medical care for a provider encounter.
  4. The number assigned to a diagnoses in the International Classification of Diseases.
  5. The World in bold- face type that identifies a diseases or condition in the alphabetic index in ICD-9-CM.
  6. In the ICD-9 -CM a three- digit code used to classify a particular diaereses or injuries.

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  1. DXAbbreviation for diagnosis.


  2. Sub-classificationIn ICD-9-CM , a five-digit code number.


  3. EtiologyAn alphanumeric ICD code for an external cause of injury or poising.


  4. Alphabetic IndexThe section of the ICD-9 CM in which diseases and injuries with corresponding diagnosis codes are presented in alphabetic order.


  5. V CodeAn alphanumeric code in the ICD-9-CMthat identifies factors that influence health status and encounters that are not due to illness or injury


  6. International Classification of Diseases , Ninth Revision, Clinical Classification (ICD-9-CM)In ICD-9-CM , a five-digit code number.