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This quiz is all about the verb VENIR
I'm coming
Je viens
He is not coming
Il ne vient pas
I want to come with you.
Je veux venir avec toi.
You are coming
Tu viens.
She is not coming
Elle ne vient pas
I can come with her.
Je peux venir avec elle
We just worked.
Nous venons de travailler.
They just traveled.
Ils viennent de voyager.
They are coming from the hotel
Ils viennent de l'hôtel.
He is coming from the hotel.
Il vient de l'hôtel.
She is coming from the movies.
Elle vient du cinéma.
You are coming from the movies.
Vous venez du cinéma.
She's coming from the library.
Elle vient de la bibilothèque.
You are coming from the library.
Tu viens de la bibliothèque.
You just ate.
Tu viens de manger.
He just ate
Il vient de manger.
We are coming from the theater.
Nous venons du théâtre.
You are coming from the theater.
Vous venez du théâtre.
She's coming from the state.
Elle vient de l'état.
He comes from the United States.
Il vient des États-Unis.
Elle parle du professeur.
She's talking about the teacher.
Vous parlez de moi?
You're talking about me?
Nous parlons de ma soeur.
We are talking about my sister.
Ils parlent de toi.
They are talking about you.
Il parle de son professeur.
He is talking about his teacher.
La prof parle de la langue française.
The teacher is talking about the French language.
La prof parle français.
The teacher speaks French.
Elles viennent de chez elles.
They are coming from their home.
Je viens de chez mon ami.
I'm coming from my friend's home.
Ils viennent du musée.
They are coming from the museum.