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What effect did the geography of ancient Greence have on its early development?

creation of city-states

Which description accurately identifies Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle?

Greek philosophers

One contribution of ancient Roman culture was the development of

the republican form of government

Which ancient civilization is associated with the Twelve Tables, an extensive road system, and the poets Horace and Virgil?

ancient Rome

Which statement represents a characteristic of democracy?

citizens have power in the government

- Roman women could own property.
-Roman women could make wills leaving their property to whomever they chose.
A valid conclusion drawn from these facts is that Roman women

were treated better and had more rights than other civilizations

Which statement is best supported by the information on the map shown?

-they conquered many areas
-Romans had control of Meditteranean Sea
- Rome existed on three continents: Europe, Africa, Asia

Which type of political system does this quotation suggest that people of ancient Athens valued?

Direct Democracy

A major impact of ancient Greece and Rome on Western civilizations was that

sculpture and architecture was admired

important long-term contributions of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are primarily found in the area of

government and law

The Socratic Method emphasized the importants of

questioning wisdom, proving answers

Hellenistic society was known for its advances in

sciences, geometry, medicane (Book of Elements, Hippocrates)

The best evidence that a nation is a democracy is its provision for

equality, freedom

If the Greek genius was politics, the Roman genius was


the two Mediterranean powers fighting in the Punic Wars were

Rome and Carthrage

Both ancient Rome and Greece depended on slavery. One result of this dependence was

lagged technological advanced
a weakended economy

Greek and Roman agriculture

was limited due to soil being bad

In an oligarchy

a small group of people rule the government

What do the Code of Hammurabi and Roman Law have in common?

they represent not exercising arbitrary power

Compared to modern American ideas of democracy, Athenian democracy was distinctive in

urging people to participate directly in the governemt, being a direct democracy

Roman emperors tried to prevent popular disorder by

-social events
-bread and circus'

Greek politics resembled Indian politics in

the tendency of regional fragmentation

the Senate of republican Rome particularly represented

an aristocracy, patricians

While types of government in the early Greek polis varied, they were least likely to have been

Government in Athens:
monarchy, aristocracy, direct democracy, oligarchy

The major impact of Alexander the Great's conquests was the

spread of Greeks language and culture

Roman classic culture

came from Greece,
Hellenistic culture

Which sentence best describes both Roman and Chinese gender relations?

-women gradually got more rights
-males dominated over everyone but rulers

with regard to merchants, classical civilizations in Rome, Greece, and China

merchants not highly repected, mixed attitudes

Far more than classical Greece, India, or China, slavery in Rome

became more dependent

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