plant rewiew

the process in which plants use water along with sunlight and carbon dioxide to make thier own food
the transfer of pollen from a male reproductive part to a female part in a plant
the plant structuer that contains a young plant inside a protective covering
the join of a sperm and a egg
a outer layer of the skin
vascular tissue
the internal transporting tissue in some plants made up of tubelike struters
a tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism
the process by which water is lost through a plants leaves
the stage in the life cycle of a plant produces gamets or sex cells
teh sprouting of the embryo from a seed that occurs where the embryo resumes growth
a plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed by a protective fruit
a flowering plant that produces seeds enclosed in a protective stucter
a angiosperm that has one seed leaf
a angiosperm that has two seed leaves
autotraphs and eukaryotes. in additon all plant cells are surrounded by cell walls
three seed dispersal methods
animal, wind and water
5 things that plants need to survive
obtain water, retain water, transport materials, support thier bodies and reproduce
2 types of vascular tissue
xylem and phloem
3 main jobs of roots
anchor plant in ground, absorb water and minerals from the soil, and sometimes store food
main jobs of leaves
capture suns energy and carry out food making process known as photosynthesis
2 main jobs of stem
Carries substances between plants roots and the leaves and also provide support for the plant so it can hold its leaves up to the sun
minocotes and dicots
anigosperms that have seed leaves
the growth response of a plant toward or away form teh stimules
2 charateristics of all seed plants
have vascular tissue and use seedds to reproduce
3 things inside of a seed
Embroyo, Cotyledons and the seed coat
2 types of root system
fibrousroot and taproot
2 types of stem
herbaceous stem and woody stem
be able to lable a flower
look at picture