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  1. What does it mean to be a contender
  2. What information does Alfred learn about Lou Epsteins' past
  3. Who is Jeff
  4. What point of view is the novel written in
  5. What additional responsibility does lou give Alfred at work that lets the reader now the Epsteins trust alfred again
  1. a It is more important to do something well, than to win
  2. b Lo trusts Alfred to go to the bank and handle the store's money
  3. c Jeff is Alfred's counsin
  4. d third person
  5. e alfred learns that he used to be a boxer named Ligtening Lou Epp

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  1. Alfred's fight against Hubbard
  2. no
  3. Spoon goes to college and becomes a teacher
  4. Alfred lives with Aunt Pearl because his dad left and his mom died
  5. Alfred decicing wether or not to join the gym or join Major's gang.

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  1. Which historical event impacted the novelThe Civil Rights Movement


  2. Why is dr. coreyimportant to the gymDr. Corey makes custom mouth pieces for the fighters


  3. Why are there protests in alfred's neighborhoodIt is more important to do something well, than to win


  4. What is an example of man vs. man conflict in the novel.Alfred vs. Hubbard


  5. Why did Spoon quit boxingHarlem, new york


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