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What is sarcolemma?

the sheath that surrounds muscle fibre

Name 2 mylofilements found in the muscle fibres and briefly outline their function.

actin and myosin

why does the skeletal muscle apper striated or striped?

thin actin filaments and thick myosin filements overlap and produce a striped appearance

Why is ATP needed for muscle contraction?

to provide energy

Why is creatine phosphate needed for muscle contration?

it insures atp supplies remain high by supplying a phosphate to ADP

Define muscle tetanus

the state of constant muscle contraction due to repeated muscle stimulation

question 7 figure 9 page 304

Athlete A is a Sprinter and B is a long distance runner

a graph on page 309 # 17

fetal hemoglobin, fetus secures oxygen from the mothers blood.

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