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  1. excommunication
  2. Rebecca Nurse
  3. Samuel Nurse
  4. Israel Porter
  5. William Stoughton
  1. a Rebecca's son; sided with the "new" group; by time of special court is Mr. Nurse
  2. b to cut off officially from communion with the church
  3. c oldest sister of Sarah and Mary; accused
  4. d well known, well respected landowner in the community; leader of the "new" group
  5. e chief magistrate of court

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  1. rural, agricultural area about 10 miles inland from Salem Town, though it has the same tax base but different parish; called Danvers today
  2. new minister of Salem Village; his hiring was a very controversial thing, Thomas and Joseph Putnam split over it
  3. magistrate
  4. any common animal that appeared to be possesed by the Devil's spirit through the witches, and could be made to do their bidding
  5. a British solid gold coin (Sarah recieves three of these when she went before the tribunal, one for every sister and life accused)

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  1. Anne PutnamThomas Putnam's wife; only one of the "afflicted" that is unaimously decided to be lying


  2. spectral evidencewife of Peter; younger sister of Mary and Rebecca; accused; died three weeks after clearing her's and her sisters' names before the tribunal


  3. Ann PutnamThomas and Ann Putnam's daughter; an "afflicted" girl


  4. Joseph PutnamThomas and Ann Putnam's daughter; an "afflicted" girl


  5. Nicholas Noyesminister of Salem Town