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heterodox (adj)

unorthodox; unconventional; dissident; disagreeing with accepted beliefs. Antonyms: orthodox, canonical, conventional

homogeneity (n)

uniformity of structure or composition; formation out of similar elements. Antonyms: heterogeneity; disparateness; diversity

hyperbolic (adj)

excessively exaggerated; overstated; inflated beyond reason. Antonym: understated

iconoclastic (adj)

attacking cherished traditions: nonconformist; rebellious; dissident. Antonyms: conformist; conventional

idiosyncrasy (n)

individual trait, usually odd in nature; eccentricity; quirk; foible. Antonym: normal behavior

idolatrous (adj)

blindly devoted; excessively adoring; idol-worshipping; idolizing. Antonyms: censorious; excessively critical

idyllic (adj)

charmingly carefree and simple; unspoiled; serene; pastoral. Antonyms: tense; stressful; turbulent; filled with commotion

illusory (adj)

deceptive; false; misleading;unreal. Antonyms: real; actual; genuine

impassive (adj)

without feeling; imperturbable; stoical; phlegmatic; expressionless. Antonyms: overwrought; susceptible to pain; ebullient

imperiousness (n)

overbearing manner; domineering attitude; arrogance; lordliness. Antonym: submissive; docile; humble

impermeable (adj)

impervious; not permitting passage through its substance; impenetrable; waterproof. Antonym: permeable; porous

imperturbable (adj)

unflappable; unflustered; composed; calm. Antonym: flustered; agitated; disturbed; perturbed.

impervious (adj)

inpenetrable; incapable of being damaged or distressed; invulnerable; incapable of being affected. Antonym: penetrable; vulnerable.

implacable (adj)

unable to be appeased; inexorable; unbending; merciless; relentless. Antonym: willing to compromise; yielding

implicit (adj)

understood, but not directly stated; implied; unquestioning. Antonym: explicit; openly stated

impregnable (adj)

invulnerable; invincible; difficult to refute; incapable of conceiving. Antonym: vulnerable; assailable; defenseless

inchoate (adj)

not fully formed; incipient; rudimentary; undeveloped; lacking order. Antonym: completely formed; fully realized

inconsequential (adj)

insignificant; unimportant; trivial; illogical. Antonym: important; significant; critical

indeterminate (adj)

uncertain; not clearly fixed; undefined; unsettled; vague. Antonym: fixed; definite; defined

indigent (adj)

extremely poor; penurious; destitute; impecunious. Antonym: rich; wealthy; affluent; highly prosperous

inert (adj)

inactive; motionless; immobile; incapable of reacting chemically. Antonym: capable of movement; mobile

ingenuous (adj)

naive and trusting; artless; unsophisticated; innocent. Antonym: cunning; sophisticated; guileful; devious; artful

innocuousness (n)

harmlessness; inoffensiveness; insipidity; innocence. Antonym: harmfulness; toxicity; noxiousness; injuriousness

insensible (adj)

incapable of feeling; unresponsive; emotionless; unfeeling; unaware. Antonym: conscious; keenly aware; capable of feelings sensible

insularity (n)

narrow-mindedness; provinciality; parochialism; isolation. Antonym: cosmopolitanism; urbanity; broad-mindedness

intractable (adj)

stubborn; unyielding; obstinate; obdurate; unruly; pigheaded. Antonym: yielding; readily compliant; complaisant; amenable; docile

intransigence (n)

stubbornness; refusal of any compromise; obstinacy; obduracy; extreme firmness. Antonym: flexibility; readiness to compromise; willingness to yield

inundate (v)

overwhelm; flood; submerge; deluge; swamp. Antonym: drain; make scarce

inured (adj)

accustomed; hardened; toughened; habituated. Antonym: unaccustomed; unable to become habituated

invective (n)

abuse; verbal attack; vituperation; violent censure. Antonym: praise; laudatory words; complimentary speech

irascible (adj)

irritable; touchy; testy; quick-tempered. Antonym: affable; even-tempered; easygoing

irresolute (adj)

uncertain how to act; unsure; weak; indecisive; vacillating. Antonym: resolute; determined; decisve

lachrymose (adj)

tearful; weeping; sorrowful; melancholy; dolorous. Antonym: cheerful; blithe; buoyant; jolly; joyful

lassitude (n)

languor; weariness; lack of energy. Antonym: feeling of vigor; vitality; verve; drive

latent (adj)

potential but undeveloped; dormant; hidden. Antonym: patent; manifest; overt

loquacious (adj)

talkative; voluble; garrulous; gabby; long-winded. Antonym: taciturn; reticent; laconic; terse

lumber (v)

move heavily; shamble; plod. Antonym: glide; move smoothly; waft; float

luminous (adj)

shining; issuing light; glowing; gleaming. Antonym: dull; lackluster

magnanimity (n)

generosity; greatness of spirit; nobility; high-mindedness.
Antonym: pettiness; meanness; stinginess; parsimoniousness

malinger (v)

shirk; feign illness to evade work. Antonym: work dutifully; live up to one's responsibility

malleable (adj)

capable of being shaped by pounding; soft and pliable; impressionable. Antonym: rigid; unmalleable; unyielding

maverick (n)

rebel; nonconformist; eccentric; oddball. Antonym: traditionalist; conformist; conventional person

mendacious (adj)

untruthful; lying; habitually dishonest; deceitful. Antonym: truthful; honest.

mercurial (adj)

capricious; unpredictable; inconstant; fickle; volatile; lively. Antonym: constant; steady; unvarying; phlegmatic

metamorphosis (n)

change of form; transformation; total alteration; transfiguration. Antonym: continuation without change

misanthrope (n)

one who hates or distrusts people. Antonym: philanthropist; sociable person.

morose (adj)

melancholy; dejected; gloomy; sullen. Antonym: cheerful; merry; jovial; happy

neophyte (n)

novice; tyro; beginner; tenderfoot. Antonym: expert; veteran; old hand

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