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minute men

they were usually the best trained or most experienced soldiers for the colonies (Paul Revere was one.)


British soldiers

Paul Revere

he was sent to warn the militia that the British were coming. he was also sent to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock they were going to arrest them


on April 19, 1775 the first shots of the American Revoultion were fired here


the British wanted to come here to capture weapons the militia had stored here. the women hid the supplies. the colonists forced the britsh to retreat back to Boston

Fort Ticonderoga

main supply fort(post) for the British army on Lake Champlain the americans captured it

Green Mountain Boys

led by Ethan Allen they were farmers and blacks who served for the colonists

Battle of Bunker Hill

whoever controlled the hills surronding Charlestown, could fire directly on Boston. Putnam or General Prescott colonial general "Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes." Colonists ran out of ammuntion and started to retreat , British commander Colonial Petcairson declared victory. Peter Salem, a former slave, shot him.

Thomas Paine

he published a pamphlet "Common Sense" he arguged that the colonists should give loyalty to an unjust ruler.

William Howe

British general who was forced out of Boston by Henry Knox when Knox and his militia had cannon staring down at them


a soldier paid to fight for another country. the British hired German mercenaries called Hessians.

Nathan Hale

"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."

Battle of Trenton

Washington surprised Hessians at Trenton, NJ on Dec 26, 1776. Hessians surrendered and Washington crossed the Delaware to attack.

John Burgonye

British general who wanted to capture the Hudson River Valley to cut off New England and New York from the rest of the Colonies

Thaddeus Kuseiuszko

Polish; helped the Americans

Battle of Saratoga

American placed cannons and were ready for the British. Burgonye reached Saratoga, New York, the Americans outnumbered the British

October 17, 1777

Burgonye surrendered

Marquis de Lafayette

French who helped the Americans. He became a general on George Washington's staff.

Valley Forge

Washington and his troops stayed here during winter

Frieduch von Stueben

German soliders who helped train the Americans in the latest European fighting techniques.techni


On 1778, they joined the Americans side and sent gunpowder, soldiers, and ships.

Mary Ludwig Hays

She brought pitchers of water to thirsty, American soldiers during battle.She is also known as "Molly Pitcher". she also used guns and cannons

Battle of Yorktown

Nathaneal Greene forced the British to retreat north. Cornwallis had James Armistead spy on the Americans not realizing Armistead was spying for America. The American and French soldiers surronded Yorktown and they blocked the harbors. Cornwallis surrendered on Oct 17, 1781

Treaty of Paris

1783 Britain finally recongized th independence of the United States.

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