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The Great War
what WWI was known as at the time
A contest in which no one wins
Sick Man of Europe
The ottoman Empire since they lacked unity and military might
Three Emperor's League
alliance of Germany, Russia, and Austro-Hungary against radical movements in 1873
The Triple Alliance
Italy, Germany, and Austria in 1878
Alliance of the Three Emperors
A brokered alliance set up by Bismark in 1881. It stopped any further division of the Ottoman Empire. It teamed everyone together incase a battle broke out to come to each other's defence
Anglo-French Entente
the 1904 agreement between the two that settled all oustanding imperialistic disputes
Agleciras Conferences
the conference where German Tried to yank Morocco from France. B/c Britain supported France and France didn't back down to Germany, Germany left the conference early
Alfred Von Tirpitz
Naval admiral heading the German fleet. He feared the growing threat of the British Navy
David Lloyd George
Prime Minister of England during and after the war
a country that became openly hostile to Ottoman Empire and to the Austro-Hungarian Empire
The First Balkan War
1912 - Serbia allies w/ other Balkan countries against the Ottomans
The Second Balkan War
1913- Austria intervenes and makes Serbia give up Albania
Archduke Francis Ferdinand
Heir to the Austrian throne, he was assassinated w/ his wife Sophie by a Servian nationalist living in Sarajevo, Bosnia 1914
The Black Hand
Ultranationalist Serbs
William II
Emperor of Germany at start of WWI (the kaiser)
The Third Balkan War
Austria declares war on Serbia
Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg
chancellor of Germany at start of war. He gave Austria a blank check
Tsar Nicholas II
the tsar of Russia during the war
the Schlieffen Plan
knocking out France by attacking it through Belgium
Belgian neutrality
Not wanting to allow Germany to invade France, its territory was violated by Germany
total war
complete involvement in a war effort by all civilians in an all-out cultural support
Henri Phillip Petain
Most famous and effetive French general during the war
Leader of France during the war
Members of the Central Powers
Germany, Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire
League of Nations
attempt by the Allies to build an organization that would bring peace and cooperation to the world. Ultimately, the U.S. wouldn't join for foear of being drawn into another war and ultimately, it would fail and fold
The treaty of Brest-Litovsk
German non-agression pact with Russia after WWI
Bolshevik Revolution
the Russian Revolution of 1917 that brought Communism to Russia and ended centuries of tsarist rule
The Fourteen Points
Wilson's peace plan that stressed civil rights and self-determination
Treaty of Versailles
this treaty ended the war and declared Germany the loser
Henry Cabot Lodge
the leading US Senator who was against the League of Nations, said that it gave away Congress' right to declare war
American policy adopted after the war of not getting involved w/ European problems. Some consider this a huge mistake, it allowed things to get out of hand and dictators to come to power in Europe later
Social Democratic Party
leftist leaning party in Germany, not as radical as the communists of Russia, favored "gradual" elimination of captialism not radical overthrow like in Russia
Causes of WWI
1. nationalism, 2. balkanization, 3. Panslavism, 4. Imperialism, 5. Expansion of military might, 6. Military alliances 7. started w/ assassination of archduke ferdinand
Battle of the Marne
The first battle of WWI