English Elementary Jobs with Images and clues

Wears a uniform
Works at weekends and in the evening
Works with other people
Earns a lot of money
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Talks to people Argues with other people Makes lawspoliticianWorks in a hotel Wears a uniform Works every day including weekendsreceptionistWorks in an office Works from 9 to 5 Uses a computersecretaryWorks in the morning and the afternoon Works at weekends Doesn't earn a lot of money Works in a shopshop assistantDoesn't work Goes to the library Goes to the pubstudentWorks at lunchtime and dinnertime Works in a restaurant Wears a uniformwaiter / waitressDoesn't work Receives money from the state Plays with grandchildrenpensionerWorks in a theatre. Works in the evening. Wears costumes.actor / actressWorks outside. Wears protective clothing. Works in the morning and afternoon.builderNeeds a qualification. Works in a hospital. Wears a uniform. Earns a lot of money.doctorNeeds a qualification. Works inside and outside. Designs things.engineer