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The disease AIDS is caused by a
What is the hazard of using nail bleach?
It will irritate the client's cuticle if it touches it
What does it mean if an acrylic liquid is odor-less?
It has no odor
What is the most common infection spread in the salon?
Which sanitizing agent cannot be used on skin and nails?
According to the regulations, where should you store sanitized implements?
In an air tight cabinet
Who is responsible for obeying the State Law about sanitizing?
Every nail technician
Acrylic nails can be done on?
Natural nails, Tips, and Nail form
The basic chemistry of acrylic nails is?
A liquid called Monomer
What is made up of tiny fiber and liquid polish?
Liquid nail wrap
A 1/8 of a fabric that can be used to strengthen a weak point on the nail is called?
A Stress Strip
Can we apply acrylic on wet nails?
No, it's a perfect breeder environment for mold and fungus
How are paper wraps different?
They are glued both on top of the nail and under the free edge
How can you remove tips?
Soak the nails in acetone
When gluing a tip on, what should you do if an air bubble appears?
Reapply the tip
What is the metatarsal scissors?
A permissive massage movement, kneading metatarsal bond
Antiseptic foot spray and antibacterial soap are examples of what?
Anti-fungal agents
What is the relaxer movement?
You bend the client's wrist and move it back and forth
What's the difference between a men's and a women's manicures?
Man like a clear liquid polish or no polish at all
How should you apply cuticle oil and lotion?
Rub it in with the thumb in a circular motion
When doing a manicure, what hand should we start with?
The unflavored hand, because the favored hand needs to be soaked longer
Why shouldn't you file the client's nails after they've been soaked in water?
They can easily break (They are fragile)
If bleeding occurs during, manicure what should you do?
Use Powdered Alum
What does it mean when the primer is cloudy?
The bacteria are present
What should you ask when you're having a consultation with your client?
Discuss the client's general health
Why are bacteria dangerous to us?
They reproduce very fast
How can AIDS be transmitted in a salon?
Through unsanitized implements
What are Cocci, Bacilli, and Spirilla?
What is dry cabinet sanitizer?
An airtight cabinet where sanitized implements are stored
What chemical agents are safe to use on the skin?
When applying primer, if the primer contacts the client's skin, what will happen to them?
The skin will get irritated
Why do you need 2 sets of implements when doing manicure?
On a busy day, one can be sanitized while you use the other one
When doing manicure, how do you place the client's cushion?
Under a sanitized towel
After using an orange wood stick with cotton, what should you do?
Replace the cotton ball with the new ball
How often should you change the disinfectant solution?
Follow the manufacturer's instructions
Why do you need to understand the MSDS?
To learn about the potential hazards
When applying primer what should you do?
Wear gloves and give your client a pair of safety glasses
How can you identify all the chemicals in salon?
All containers should be labeled
What is the purpose of having ventilation system in a salon?
To vent all the chemical vapors outside
Why do you have to have a cap on all the chemical containers?
To avoid spilling and evaporation
Which part of the nail grows the fastest?
The free edge
The blood supplied to the nails comes from?
The nail bed and matrix
The protein of the nails is the same as?
Skin and Hair
What are Eponychium, Perionychium and Hyponychium?
The skin surrounding the nail
What should you do if your client has Athlete's foot?
Do not perform a pedicure and refer the client to a physician
What is the most common infection that people with acrylic nails get?
How can you treat Leukonychia nails?
Let them grow out
Can you perform a pedicure on a client who has ingrown toenails?
Yes, if the tissue around the nail is not infected and if the nail is not too deeply imbedded into the skin.
What is Onychauxis or Hypertrophy?
Overgrowth of the nails
What should you do if your client has fortified nails?
Rub on vitamin E cream
What do you spend more time on when using odder-less acrylic?
The drawers of the manicuring table should be used to store what?
Disposable supplies
What should you do in order to remove a hand callus?
Use pumice powder and a chamois buffer
Which of the following statements is correct about sanitation in the nail salon?
Sanitation process is used to kill all germs in the nail salon
Which statement is correct in describing paper wrap nail applications?
The paper becomes transparent as glue is applied
What is the best shape for a man's nails?
What is the purpose of the nail antiseptic?
To kill all germs on the nail plate before service
What should be done if air bubbles appear after a nail tip is positioned with adhesive?
Reapply the nail tip
What are Metatarsal scissors?
Kneading massage movement along the metatarsal bones
Why are pedicure services important to a salon?
To serve clients who wear shoes that expose more of the feet
If the client has athlete's foot, the nail technician should?
Not give the client a pedicure
Acrylic removal is done?
After an acetone soak of the nail
Which of these processes is used to make an acrylic nail?
Which statement is correct about all type of artificial nail application?
They can be coated with nail polish
Which of these is true about buffing in an acrylic nail?
The buffing dulls the nail so that it can be polished
How is a plastic sheet used in a nail wrap procedure?
To press the fabric smoothly in to the nail
Which of these is the best way to repair a deeply furrowed nail?
Use ridge filler to even the nail
What is the purpose of the nail wrap?
To mend a damaged nail
What part of a man's manicure generally takes more time than a woman's?
Cuticle shaping
Nails should not be filed after soaking because?
They are softer and therefore can easily break or split
What is the main reason the fingers are placed in a soak bath during a manicure?
To soften the cuticles
Which of these steps is the best if nail polish thickens slightly?
Thin the polish by adding polish solvent and shaking the polish well
A nail technician should obtain a physician's permission before massaging a client with which of these conditions?
High blood pressure
A manicure is usually began with the client's less-used hand, why is that?
The more used hand needs more time to soak
What is the minimum time that the implements should be immersed in a wet sanitizer?
20 minutes
What is the main goal to a nail technician if a client has a serviceable nail disorder?
To cosmetically improve the appearance of the nail
The best way to deal with white spots on nails is to?
Allow the spots to grow out with the nail
The client consultation is a good time for what?
To discuss safety, equipment and procedures with the client
What is the most important information you should gather during a consultation with a new client?
The client's medical background
What is a nail wall?
The skin on the sides of the nail
Which part of the nail controls how fast the nail grows?
The free edge
Which of the following statements is correct?
Health problems in the body can show up in the nails
What are nails composed of?
Which of these is the best reason to follow local state regulations?
To guarantee the safety of clients and nail technicians
Ventilation of the work area in a salon is recommended mainly to?
Eliminate toxic any flammable fumes
Sanitizing the work area and implements is the responsibility of?
The nail technician
The best way for a nail technician to prevent infection is to?
Follow sanitation procedures carefully
Onychaxis or Hypertrophy is?
The overgrowth of the nail
Which of these is a first sign of a possible fungus infection under the acrylic layer of a sculptured nail?
A change in color
Where does bacteria grow and multiply best?
In places that are warm, dark, damp, or dirty
Antiseptic is used to destroy or limit the growth of what?
Only bacteria that could cause disease
What should you do with a client who has an infectious disease?
They shouldn't receive any services in the salon
The most important reason for keeping all containers capped is to?
Prevent spilling and vapor loss
Chemical containers should be kept?
The best way to identify chemicals in the salon is?
Keep all of them properly labeled
After using an orangewood stick with a cotton tip, the nail technician should?
Change the cotton tip for the next use
What is the major disadvantage of using QUATS?
It is quite costly
How is AIDS most likely to be transmitted in a salon?
Through unsanitized implements
When using a disinfectant in the salon, you should?
Follow the manufacturer's instructions
It is important to sanitized a client's nails before applying acrylic nails because the antiseptic will
Help prevent fungus from forming
The deep fold of skin is which Mary's nail root is lodged is called the
Nail fold or mantle
The ulnar nerve supplies the
Little finger side of the arm
Tinea pedis is another name for
Athlete's foot
Mark is applying a form of nail art that uses very fragile leafing. This type of nail art is
Mai uses quats to disinfect her implements. Another name for quats is
Quaternary ammonium compound
The nail technician should file Tony's fingernails
From each corner to the center
When using quaternary ammonium compound, one important step is to
Measure it carefully
While performing a pedicure, Anita should use _________ to separate her client's toes
Toe separators
The radial artery supplies the
Thumb side of the arm
The type of polish remover to use on clients who have artificial nails is
Darryl's hangnails are caused by
Dry cuticles
Poor-fitting shoes may cause
Ingrown nails
Juan's wrist bone is called
Kay has a nail problem that was caused when moisture got trapped between her un-satirized natural nails and her artificial nails. This condition was a yellow-green color that has now turned black.Given Kay's situation, the nail technician should
Not work on Kay's nail
Kay has a nail problem that was caused when moisture got trapped between her un-sanitized natural nails and her artificial nails. This condition was a yellow-green color that has now turned black.Kay's nail problem is known as
Nail mold
Melinda is performing a manicure using hot oil and an electric heater. The type of manicure Melinda is performing is
Before using any manicuring implements, Randy should
Disinfect it
The ulna is the large bone on the little finger side of the
The part of Peggy's nail plate that extends over her fingertips is called the
Free edge
Suk is explaining to Cheryl that a particular hand lotion will meet all of Cheryl's needs for her dry hands. Suk, the nail technician, is discussing the hand lotion's
All of the following statements are true concerning AIDS EXCEPT that it
Is caused by bacteria
Ginny's nails will grow faster
In the summer
The technical term for the nail is
Charlotte has a light-cured gel system in her salon. Two light sources for these gels are
Ultraviolet and halogen
Brenda's local beauty supply distributor has given her a Material Data Safety Sheet for the product she uses. This sheet provides information for the product's
Chemistry, hazards, and handling procedures
The nevus on Vern's nail was probably caused by:
A pigmented mole that occurs in the nail
The digital bones of the fingers are called
Hangnails are treated by softening the cuticle with
The purpose of buffing the nail before applying an acrylic nail is to
Remove natural oil
In most states, instruments sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectant should be immersed for __________ minutes
An infected nail should be treated by a
In the matrix are found blood vessels and
Nails of adults grow at an average of
1/8 of an inch per month
The nail service where acrylic is added to Karen's new growth area is called
The following four clients have entered your nail salon. Kim, in for a manicure, has white spots on her nail plate. Dick's feet have ringworm, and he would like a pedicure today. Mary has bitten, deformed nails and would like nail tips applied to her natural nails. Peter's nails severely curve over his nail tip/free edge, and he has an appointment for a manicure.The nail technician should refuse to perform a nail service on
The following four clients have entered your nail salon. Kim, in for a manicure, has white spots on her nail plate. Dick's feet have ringworm, and he would like a pedicure today. Mary has bitten, deformed nails and would like nail tips applied to her natural nails. Peter's nails severely curve over his nail tip/free edge, and he has an appointment for a manicure.Peter's nail condition is called
Situation: The following four clients have entered your nail salon. Kim, in for a manicure, has white spots on her nail plate. Dick's feet have ringworm, and he would like a pedicure today. Mary has bitten, deformed nails and would like nail tips applied to her natural nails. Peter's nails severely curve over his nail tip/free edge, and he has an appointment for a manicure.Kim's condition is called
The hair-like projections by which bacteria move are called
Monique's acrylic nails are curing. This means that they are
Becca's Nail Salon has installed new ventilation. This ventilation is important for nail technicians and clients because nail products
Enter the body through inhalation
An example of a vegetable parasite is
During a pedicure procedure, the feet are soaked
At the beginning of the pedicure service
Debbie, a salon owner, is adding the money she has spent on equipment, supplies, and uniforms. Debbie is totaling her
Mai uses odorless acrylic nails. A difference between odorless and traditional acrylics is that odorless nails
Are self-leveling
The finished acrylic nail on Laura is a/an
Catherine is performing a hand massage on her client Jacquie. The two layers of Jacquie's skin are
Dermis and epidermis
Tim is studying mycology, which is the study of
Polish will not stain the nails if the nail technician applies
A base coat
Marion has nail wraps on her nails that are opaque and need colored polish on them. This type of wrap is
Another name for a kneading massage movement is
On a nail tip, the point where the nail plate meets the tip before it is glued to the nail is called the
Position stop
John is receiving a pedicure. His toenails should be shaped
Straight across
The type of bacteria that does not produce disease and is often beneficial is
The thin line of skin at the base of the nail that extends from the nail wall to the nail plate is the