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where chorus appears


reminder that theater was used for religious purposes


scene building/dressing rooms/ where props are stored


playing area for actors, dancing area

deus ex machina

anything that unravels plot/ god will swoop in and save the day


when audience feels empathy for actor identify with emotional pain, was the audience moved?


viewing area, hubrus hamanshra(the person has to do it themselves)
all violence appears OFFstage


comic, followed aristophanes, domestic, over the top, loss of status in the play, musical comedy, physically big
oedipus rex- basis for 6 elements of drama
shakespeare steals from him


comic, complex character intricate use of language subtly of expression, stole people's work and improved it; slave first known black playwright, double plot, domestic, character, witty, avoided stereotype, DID NOT STOOP LOW ENOUGH FOR ROMANS.
shakespeare steals from him


tragedy, stole from greeks, own revision of oedipus, so violent it was never staged, moral evil on society, graphic violence, wrote to readers, made things shallow, he was ordered to take his own life, was the king of classical writing, did not heal society, 5 act structure, mixes comedy and tragedy
shakespeare steals from him


values eye ore than ear, tragedy-royal; comedy- commoners, drama was to teach, violence happened off scene, 3 person playwright, following death no one defined theater until 800-1,000 years later

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