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  1. Doe vs. Plyer
  2. Silent Way
  3. Sheltered ESL Class
  4. Strategy Based Instruction
  5. Performance Based Approach
  1. a Public schools are prohibited from denying immigrant students access to public education
  2. b Includes test taking techniques and study skills
  3. c Using simplified English in a classroom for content based instruction
  4. d measures progress in terms of what real world tasks students are able to accomplish. Includes portfolios, checklists, reading logs.
  5. e Teacher remains mostly silent and students are encouraged to discover rules and solve problems on their own. Learning through discovery.

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  1. Ensured that English was taught to all in order to provide equal access to educational opportunities
  2. 50/50 both content and literacy in both languages. (Horace Mann in Wichita)
  3. ESL teacher comes to the students in the regular classroom.
  4. A period of time when ESL students do not speak (2 weeks to 1 Year)
  5. to vocabulary is critical for learning

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  1. Natural ApproachFocuses on teaching communicative skills. Low anxiety. Focus is on meaning rather than form.


  2. Cognateswords that sound similar, but have no meaning in common


  3. Comparative AdjectivesCompare more than 2 things ...end in est.(fastest, closest)


  4. Past ParticipleVerb ending in 'ed' (cleaned, scared)


  5. Implicit InstructionProviding definitions and examples. Pronounce, explain, provide examples, elaborate, and assess. Step by Step - carefully organized systematic instruction