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  1. Psycholinguistic
  2. Phoneme
  3. Implicit Instruction
  4. Fricatives
  5. Home Language Survey
  1. a A federally mandated questionnaire that school administer to newly enrolled students to determin whether a language other than English is spoken in the home
  2. b Wide reading is how most new words are acquired. Instruction embedded in the reading process. Taking advantage of discovery learning.
  3. c Air flow is constricted, but not stopped. (fluff, verve, sip, hop, she, sip
  4. d a sound that makes a difference in language
  5. e The study of psychological states and mental activity associated with the use of language

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  1. Comparing 2 things. Uses the ending of 'er (bigger, faster, taller)
  2. Indicates completed action in the future (Will have taken)
  3. Using simplified English in a classroom for content based instruction
  4. Verb ending in 'ed' (cleaned, scared)
  5. Words with similar roots in L1 and L2. Should be pointed out to students

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  1. Silent PeriodA period of time when ESL students do not speak (2 weeks to 1 Year)


  2. Superlative AdjectivesCompare more than 2 things ...end in est.(fastest, closest)


  3. Strategy Based InstructionIncludes test taking techniques and study skills


  4. Multiple Exposureswords that sound similar, but have no meaning in common


  5. Dual immersionESL teacher comes to the students in the regular classroom.


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