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  1. Superlative Adjectives
  2. Sheltered ESL Class
  3. Structured Immersion
  4. Multiple Exposures
  5. Fricatives
  1. a Compare more than 2 things ...end in est.(fastest, closest)
  2. b to vocabulary is critical for learning
  3. c Using simplified English in a classroom for content based instruction
  4. d Teachers are bilingual and have an ESL endorsement and use the students' native language to clarify English instructions
  5. e Air flow is constricted, but not stopped. (fluff, verve, sip, hop, she, sip

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  1. The relative emphasis given to certain syllables in a word.
  2. Comparing 2 things. Uses the ending of 'er (bigger, faster, taller)
  3. words that sound similar, but have no meaning in common
  4. An approach in which the target language is used exclusively to provide all instruction
  5. The study of psychological states and mental activity associated with the use of language

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  1. Explicit InstructionProviding definitions and examples. Pronounce, explain, provide examples, elaborate, and assess. Step by Step - carefully organized systematic instruction


  2. Strategy Based InstructionIncludes test taking techniques and study skills


  3. Natural Approach50/50 both content and literacy in both languages. (Horace Mann in Wichita)


  4. Past ParticipleVerb ending in 'ed' (cleaned, scared)


  5. Silent WayTeacher remains mostly silent and students are encouraged to discover rules and solve problems on their own. Learning through discovery.