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  1. Psycholinguistic
  2. Multiple Exposures
  3. Fricatives
  4. Sheltered ESL Class
  5. ESL Pullout
  1. a to vocabulary is critical for learning
  2. b Using simplified English in a classroom for content based instruction
  3. c The study of psychological states and mental activity associated with the use of language
  4. d LEP students are 'pulled out' of regular, mainstream classrooms for special instruction in ESL.
  5. e Air flow is constricted, but not stopped. (fluff, verve, sip, hop, she, sip

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  1. Teachers are bilingual and have an ESL endorsement and use the students' native language to clarify English instructions
  2. Focuses on teaching communicative skills. Low anxiety. Focus is on meaning rather than form.
  3. Public schools are prohibited from denying immigrant students access to public education
  4. The relative emphasis given to certain syllables in a word.
  5. Compare more than 2 things ...end in est.(fastest, closest)

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  1. Comparative AdjectivesComparing 2 things. Uses the ending of 'er (bigger, faster, taller)


  2. Silent WayA period of time when ESL students do not speak (2 weeks to 1 Year)


  3. ESL Inclusion50/50 both content and literacy in both languages. (Horace Mann in Wichita)


  4. Explicit InstructionWide reading is how most new words are acquired. Instruction embedded in the reading process. Taking advantage of discovery learning.


  5. Lau vs. NicholEnsured that English was taught to all in order to provide equal access to educational opportunities