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  1. Sheltered ESL Class
  2. Superlative Adjectives
  3. Doe vs. Plyer
  4. Implicit Instruction
  5. Structured Immersion
  1. a Wide reading is how most new words are acquired. Instruction embedded in the reading process. Taking advantage of discovery learning.
  2. b Public schools are prohibited from denying immigrant students access to public education
  3. c Teachers are bilingual and have an ESL endorsement and use the students' native language to clarify English instructions
  4. d Compare more than 2 things ...end in est.(fastest, closest)
  5. e Using simplified English in a classroom for content based instruction

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  1. Air flow is constricted, but not stopped. (fluff, verve, sip, hop, she, sip
  2. The relative emphasis given to certain syllables in a word.
  3. Comparing 2 things. Uses the ending of 'er (bigger, faster, taller)
  4. to vocabulary is critical for learning
  5. A period of time when ESL students do not speak (2 weeks to 1 Year)

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  1. ESL PulloutESL teacher comes to the students in the regular classroom.


  2. Strategy Based InstructionIncludes test taking techniques and study skills


  3. Natural Approach50/50 both content and literacy in both languages. (Horace Mann in Wichita)


  4. Phonemea sound that makes a difference in language


  5. Future Perfect TenseIndicates completed action in the future (Will have taken)


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