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Where does the Vice President of the United States live?
The U.S. Naval Observatory on upper Massachusetts Ave.
How many acres does Rock Creek Park include?
The main section is 1754 acres, with additional green spaces it's over 2000 acres
What stadium did the Washington D.C. during Territorial Rule?
Griffith Stadium
What is the name of the main library of the District of Columbia?
Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
Where in the city is there a center of Islamic art and culture where Muslims representing over 70 counties are called to prayer five times a day?
Islamic Worship Center
The sport where Rock Creek/ C&O Canal enters the Potomac River, an apartment complex, and a political scandal all share what name?
Where was the funeral service for the 35th President, John F. Kennedy, held?
St. Matthew's Cathedral (the service was held November 25, 1963)
What garden was created on the National Mall just in time for the Bicentennial?
Constitution Gardens
What memorial is located in the middle of Constitution Gardens on the Mall?
56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial
What theatre-in-the-round was founded by producer Zelda Fichandler, and built in 1960?
Arena Stage at 6th and Maine Ave., SW
What park was originally named Meridian Hill Park?
Malcolm X Park
What museum has more memorabilia relating to William Shakespeare than any other?
The Folger Shakespeare Library
What Washington D.C. museum has the largest collection of Russian decorative are outside the former Soviet Union?
The Hillwood Museum
In Washington D.C.'s Channel Park there is a memorial to what famous ship?
At what organization is there a World War I ambulance on display?
American Red Cross National Headquarters
Who founded the American Red Cross in 1881?
Clara Barton
What complex housed the Democratic National Committee in 1972?
The Watergate
Where did FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover eat lunch nearly every day?
Mayflower Hotel
What exclusive hotel has the same name as a 1981 Alan Alda film?
The Four Seasons
What hotel was featured in the 1974 movie "The Godfather, Part 2?"
Hotel Washington
What famous hotel reopened for business on August 20, 1986?
Willard Hotel
What song lyrics did Julia Ward Howe write at The Willard Hotel in 1861?
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
At what Massachusetts Avenue house is the Society of Cincinnati located?
Anderson House
What famous house was build by Dr. Joseph Lowell, the Army's first Surgeon General?
Blair-Lee House
What was the Blair House used for before 1942?
A private residence. It is now used as a guest house for the White House
Dwight F. Davis, of tennis's Davis Cup fame, owned what house on Decatur Place?
Codman House
In the Woodrow Wilson House there is a replica of which President's bed?
Abraham Lincoln
How many sides does the Octagon House have?
Six (it was misnamed)
Describe the two lions at the front entrance of the Corcoran Gallery of Art?
Bronze replicas of the lions guarding the tomb of Pope Clement in St. Peter's Basilica on Rome
Where is the finest publicly displayed doll collection in Washington, D.C.?
In the New Hampshire Society of Children's attic, in the Daughters of the American Revolution museum
What church, located at 16th and H St., NW enjoys the title "Church of the Presidents?"
St. John's Episcopal Church
Who designed St. John's Episcopal Church, and when was it established?
Designed by Benjamin Latrobe, it was established in 1815
Where can visitors find 14 secluded acres of aquatic plants in Washington, D.C.?
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens on the east bank of the Anacostia River
What is the only non-governmental building on Constitution Avenue west of the Capitol Building?
American Pharmaceutical Association Building
Who designed the American Pharmaceutical Association building, and what stone was used in its construction?
Designed by John Russell Pope; Vermont marble was used to match the nearby Lincoln Memorial
Andrew Mellon contributed significantly to the establishment of the National Gallery of Art. Where is the memorial to this philanthropist located?
At Pennsylvania & Constitution Ave., the eastern point of the Federal Triangle; The Mellon Memorial Fountain
Who designed, and who sculpted, the Mellon Memorial Fountain and when was it dedicated?
Design concept by Otto Eggers, sculpted by Sidney Waugh; dedicated in 1952
By what other name is the Mellon Memorial Fountain sometimes known?
The Zodiac Fountain because of the signs of the zodiac on its base
What organizational headquarters building, on Constitution Ave., features an interior lobby dominated by a tropical patio designed to resemble a Spanish colonial courtyard?
Organization of American States
The Organization of American States was founded by 1890 by whom?
In 1890 the First International Conference of American States established the International Union of American Republics, which evolved into the Pan-American Union in 1910. In 1948 the Pan American Union became the Organization of American States
How many member counties belong to the Organization of American States?
At which President's home can you find a shell casing from ammunition fired by U.S. Forces in World War I?
Woodrow Wilson's home
What is the name of the auditorium owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution
DAR Constitution Hall
First Lady Caroline Scott Harrison served as the first President General of what organization?
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)
What is the seating capacity of the DAR Constitution Hall?
What famous Washington D.C. art collection is considered to be America's first Modern Art Museum?
Duncan Phillips Collection
What organization is located in the historic Sewell-Belmont House?
National Women's Party
What Air Force base is located in Washington, D.C. on the east bank of the Potomac River?
Bolling Air Force Base
Where is the oldest U.S. Marine Corps post in the U.S.?
Marine Barracks
At what Air Force base is the President's aircraft, Air Force One, hangered?
Andrews Air Force base, Maryland
What World War II vintage submarine and destroyer are berthed at the Navy Yard?
Submarine U.S.S. Drum and Destroyer U.S.S. Barry
What 2.5 million member women's organization is affiliated with the Masons?
Eastern Star Temple
"The right of the people to keep arms should not be infringed" is the motto of organization?
National Rifle Association of America
What Ohio city was named after an organizational society founded in Washington, D.C.?
World War II Medal of Honor winner Lt. Hulon Whittington served as the model for the statue on the facade of what building?
American Legion
At what site is the world's largest collection of Masonic literature?
Masonic Eastern Star Temple
What organization/facility was established in 1913 to "elevate the standard of surgery, to establish a standard of competency?"
Walter Reed General Hospital
At the Washington Temple (Mormon) statue of which prophet?
Angel Moroni
Who designed the Metropolitan Methodist African Episcopal Church?
Samuel G.T. Morsell
In what historic district is the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site?
At the main entrance of the National Arboretum sit 22 sandstone Corinthian columns. How tall are they?
34 feet
What do the lions at the National Law Enforcement Memorial symbolize?
The protective role of law enforcement. They also convey the strength, courage, and valor of law enforcement officials
Where is the exhibit "Washington, D.C.: Symbol & City" located?
National Building Museum
Where is the memorial to Benjamin Banneker?
South end of L'Enfant Plaza at Benjamin Banneker Park
Who was the first African-American woman to be honored with a statue in Washington, D.C.?
Mary McLeod Bethune
Robert Berks sculpted a monument, located in Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill, in honor of the founder of the National Council of Negro Women, and Bethune-Cookman College. Name the monument to this historic woman.
Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial
What memorial has a bronze eagle on it and was dedicated Memorial Day, 1977?
101st Army Airborne Division Memorial
What memorial is situated in a grove of elms and holly, and has a base with a circular sky map?
Albert Einstein Memorial
What memorial consists of a 15-foot statue of a woman holding a flag, entitled "Winged Victory," a marble pillar, and a plaque with the names of the men who served in the Army during WWI?
First Division Memorial
Where is the Second Division Memorial located in Washington, D.C.?
On the southwest quadrant of the eclipse, along Constitution Avenue
What organization is located in the historic Sewell-Belmont house?
The National Women's Party
Where is there a replica of the Liberty Bell located near the White House?
On East Executive Avenue, between the White House and the Treasury Building
What is the height of the columns standing in the National Arboretum?
32 feet high