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-location: cover the stomache
-funtion: bed forward at the waist
-strengtheing exercises: crunch, curl-ups


-location: front, tophalf of the arm
-function: bend the elbow
-strengthening exercises: bisep curls, chin-ups


-location: sholder
-function: bend the elbow
-strengthening exercises: sholder press, lateral raise


-location: back of lower leg
-function: jump, climp stiars, or walk up hills
-strngthening exercises: calf riase


-location: buttocks
-function; jump, climb stairs, or walk up hills
-strengthening exercises: suat, lunge


-location: back of upper leg
-function: bend knee
-strengtheing exercises: squat, lunge

latissimus dorsi

-locatoin: on the back by the srmpit
-function: allows a person to pull
-strengthening exercises; seated row


-locaion: chest
-function: help a person to push
-strengthening exercises: push-ups, chest press


-location: front part of upper leg
-function: straighten the knee
-strengtheing exercises: squat, lunge


-location: upper and mid back
-function; pulls arms in and raises the sholders
-strengtheing exersises: sholder shrug, seated row


-location: back of the upper arm
-function: straighten the elbow
-strengtheing exercises: push-ups, triceps extensions

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