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On the natural nail as a protective overlay, over a nail tip, on a form to create a nail extension

The three ways monomer liquid & polymer powder enhancements can be applied

methyl methacrylate

The kind of monomer liquid is not recommended for use on nails

Polymerization (aka curing or hardening)

A chemical reaction that creates polymers. In this process, trillions of monomers are linked together to create long chains. These chains create tiny round beads of polymer powder used to create certain types of enhancements


These are added to monomer liquid and used to control the set or curing time


These start a chain reaction that leads to the creation of very long polymer chains. when activated, cause monomer liquids to link together into long polymer chains

Chain reaction (aka polymerization reaction)

A process that joins together monomers to create very long polymer chains

Benzoyl Peroxide

What initiator is added to polymer powder? This is used to start the chain reaction that leads to curing


This is used to help adhere enhancements to the natural nail

The inhibition layer

Odorless products dry slower and create a tacky layer called this

Monomer liquid & Polymer powder nail enhancements

These enhancements are created by combining monomer liquid and polymer powder to form the nail enhancement


This is a substance formed by combining many small molecules into very long chain-like structures


This word means "many"


This word means "one"


This word means "unit"


One unit called a molecule

Natural Hair (Sable), and pointed round or oval

What is the best brush to use for Monomer liquid & Polymer powder enhancements?

A bead

When combining the monomer liquid and polymer powder, this is formed

Ethyl methacrylate, Methyl methacrylate, and odorless monomer liquid

These are the different kinds of monomer liquids that are used:


Substances that speed up chemical reactions between Monomer liquid & Polymer powder

Equal parts Monomer Liquid & Polymer Powder

How do you create a dry bead?

Two parts Monomer liquid to one part Polymer powder

How do you create a wet bead?

One and a half parts Monomer liquid to one part Polymer powder

How do you create a medium bead?

Medium beads

What beads are the ideal mix ratio?

Nail dehydrators

These remove surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil left on the natural nail plate

Acid Based

What kinds of nail primers were often used in the past, but are no longer used?

Nonacid or Acid-free primers

These primers are usually used today

Enough to treat two to three nails

When using primer, the brush should hold this much product

Medium grit file

Select this type of nail file for natural nail preparation and initial shaping

Fine grit file

Use this nail file for final buffing

Nail forms

These are placed under the free edge and used to extend nail enhancements beyond the fingertip for additional length

Mylar and coated with adhesive backs, or made or pre-shaped plastic or aluminum

What are nail forms usually made of?

Dappen dishes

The monomer liquid and polymer powder are contained in these

Acetone and a clean towel

Wipe your dappen dish clean with this

Nitrile Polymer powder gloves

The best type of disposable gloves for these procedures are these

Crack repair

Filling/fixing an enhancement with monomer liquid & polymer powder is called

Every two-three weeks

Proper maintenance must be performed how often?

Crack repair/Maintenance service

During this service, the nail is thinned down, the apex is removed, and the entire enhancement is reduced in thickness


The area of the nail that has all the strength

This is in the middle of the nail and is in the shape of an oval

Where is the apex and what does it look like?

Stress area

Where the natural nail grows beyond the finger and becomes the free edge


The area on the side of the nail plate that grows free of its attachment to the nail fold

The nail extension underside

The actual underside of the nail extension


This C curve is average

Soaking in acetone

How do you remove enhancements?

Odorless monomer liquid & polymer powder products

Nail enhancement products with little odor

Dry mix ratio

Odorless products must be used with this mix ratio

With alcohol, acetone, or filing it off

How can you remove the inhibition layer?

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