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World History Test 4 Review (2)

One of many Germanic tribes which moved into Gaul as the Roman Empire collapsed; became the dominant power in the region
The first great military and political leader of the Franks
The year Clovis and his warriors were baptised into the Roman Church
Line of kings begun by Clovis; named for his grandfather Merovee
Mayor of the Palace
Name given to the chief official of the royal household during the time of the Merovingian line of kings
Charles Martel
The most famous Mayor of the Palace; "the Hammer"
Muslims from North Africa
The date and outcome of the Battle of Tours
732, The Frankish army under the leadership of Charles Martel decisively defeated the invading Muslims
Pepin the Short
First king of the Carolingian line
Line of Frankish kings named for either Pepin's father or son, both of whom were named Charles
Donation of Pepin
Also known as the papal states; land in central Italy given to the Pope by Pepin
Papal States
Lombard territory in central Italy which Pepin gave to the pope
Greatest of the Carolingian kings; Charles Augustus
Series of provinces set up by Charlemagne
Missi Dominici
"The king's envoys" sent out to check on the local officials, inspect local conditions, and hear grievances against government officers
Carolingian Minuscule
A more legible style of writing which became the basis for modern handwriting styles as well as the Roman type face
Louis the Pious
Charlemagne's only surviving son who had a weak reign over the Carolingian empire
The date for the Treaty of Verdun
Treaty of Verdun
Treaty which divided the Carolingian Empire among Louis the Pious' sons after his death, setting the stage for the formation of the modern nations of France and Germany
Lothair the Elder, Charles the Bald, Louis the German
Sons of Louis the Pious who divided up the Carolingian empire shortly after their father's death
Part of the Kingdom of Lothair north of the Alps which was divided between Charles the Bald and Louis the German after Lothair's death
A nomadic people from Asia who penetrated deep into southeastern Europe earning the name the Scourge of Europe for their savage raids
Location of the Magyars' eventual settlement
Norsemen, Vikings
German barbarians from Scandinavia
Homeland of the Vikings
One of the most important Viking settlements in Europe