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a map maker
the study of places, it's physical features (geo =earth) (graphy = written description location)
art of making maps
carto = maps graph = to write or draw
scientist who studies the earth
spherical representation of the earth, it represents the earth most accurately
flat maps
contain some distortion but are able to show more detail
map projections
any method that cartographers use to show the earth's round surface on a flat map.
Mercator Projection
it shows land along the equator correctly but top/bottom are distorted.
Goode's Interrupted Projection
projection that cuts and flattens the earth like an orange peel. The map remain in one piece, but the earth is "interrupted" with gaps or cuts. The shapes and sizes of landmasses are fairly accurate. But this projection distorts distances and all north to south direcitons
imaginary line around the center of the Earth. It divided the Northern and Southern hemishphers
line of latitude
a line that runs parallel to the equator
line of longitude
a line that runs north to south on the map also called meridian.
prime meridian
labeled 0% longitude, imaginary line dividing Eastern and Western Hemisphere
Seven large land masses:
North America
South America
large bodies of water:
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Arctic Ocean
political map
shows the man made boundaries around countries.
political boundaries
borders between the countries
cultural boundaries
a map that divides earth according to people's culture (basic customs, beliefs, and languages
North America
Latin America
Central Eurasia
Middle East
natural boundaries
boundaries of regions according to land features
time zone
is a region that shares the same time.
international date line
marks where the date changes. It is an imaginary line in the Pacific Ocean at about 180 degrees longitude. A person traveling west across the date line loses one day. A person traveling east over the date line gains one day.
map key
tell you what the symbols on a map represent.
compass rose
It is a small design that tell you the directions on a map.
cardinal direcitons
the four main directions in a compass rose:
north, east, south and west
intermediate direcitons
in a compass rose the halfway between the cardinal directions. the intermediate directions are northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest.
map scale
compares distance on a map to a distance in the real world. A map scale usually shows miles or kilometers on the earth as fractions of inches or centimeteres
road map
shows the cities and the roads that connect one place to another
historical map
shows information about a place as it was in the past.
global positioning system (GPS)
satellite navigation system used for navigation

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