Intro to Pharmacology

51 terms by msantiago

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chemical that interacts with an organism to alter its function, show biolgoical processes and provide methods of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease


the study of the interaction of drugs with an organism


the study of drugs modes of action on an organism


the practice of compounding and dispensing medicinal preparations


the branch of medicine concerned with the application of remedies and the treatment of disease


an exaggerated adverse reaction to drug


the study of drugs' toxic effects on an organism


absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract


injected directly into the body


absorbed through the skin using timed-release


absorbed through the skin


absorbed through the respiratory tract or alveoli


movement of the drug


the drug has its effect


the mechanism by which a drug enters the body


the mechanism by which the drug is transported to the site of action


the mechanism by which a dug interacts with and is processed by the body


the mechanism by which a drug leaves the body


the degree to which a drug acts at one specific site or receptor

Lock and Key Receptor Theory

a visual analogy that is used to describe interactions between drugs or receptors

Racemic Drug

drugs that contain two isomers a part of a drug's chemical structure


the amount of time it takes for a drug's concentration in the body to decrease by half once administered

Loading dose

administration of a higher dose than that used for maintenance in order to rapidly increase drug concentration

Maintenance dose

administration of a drug at dosage levels that maintain a therapeutic drug concentration


relative drug strength


the degree to which a drug exerts its intended effect


an unexpected reaction to a drug caused by unusual susceptibility to the drug


drug action describing a drug that has an affinity for a receptor and activates a response


a drug action describing a drug that has an affinity for a receptor and does not activate a response


a drug action describing two drugs' effects as being equal to the summation of their individual effects


drug action describing two drugs effects as being greater than the summation of their individual effects with both drugs being active


a drug action describing two drugs' effects as being greater than the summation of their individual effects, with one drug being active and one drug being inactive


a condition that exists when a drug's rate of elimination or inactivation is slower than its rate of administration


refer to the need for an ever increasing amount of a drug to continue to produce a given effect


is a rapidly occurring form of tolerance


a drug's potential to cause fetal damage in utero when administered to a pregnant woman

Lethal Dose50

the dose of a drug that is lethal in 50% of a test group of animals

Effective Dose50

the dose of a drug that is therapeutically effective in 50% of a test group of animals

Therapeutic Index

the ratio of Lethal Dose50/Effective Dose50

Chemical Name

this is the first name a potential drug receives

Code Name

this is a name assigned to the chemical by its manufacturer during the testing process

Generic Name

this is the name assigned to the chemical by the USAN when it appears to have therapeutic value and the manufacturer wants to market it

Official Name

the Generic name becomes the Official name when the drug receives approval from the Food & Drug Administration

Trade Name

name given to a drug by its manufacturer when the drug is marketed

Official Source of Information

Government issued

Unofficial Source of Information

Non-Government issued


includes name, strength, dosage, route of administration, frequency and length

Preventing Medication errors

5 Rights: drug, dose, pt, time, and route


Each Day


Four times daily


Every 2 hours

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