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the ability of the neuromuscular system to exert force against resistance

synergistic dominance

when synergists compensate for a weak or inhibited prime mover in an attempt to maintain force production and functional movement patterns


when a tight muscle causes decreased neural drive to its functional antagonist

neuromuscular eff

the ability of the Human Movement System to allow agonists, antagonists, synergists, and stabilizers to work synergistically to produce force, reduce force, and dynamically stabilize the entire Human Movement System.


provides intersegmental stability, deceleration, and force production during athletic activities.


the ability of the Human Movement System to have optimum range of motion as well as meuromuscular control throughout that range of motion.

stretch- shortening cycle

an active stretch (eccentric contraction) of a muscle followed by an immediate shortening (concentric contraction) of that same muscle.


a force that produces rotation


muscles that act as prime movers


muscles that act in direct opposition to prime movers

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