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Huck Finn Chapters 36-43 Q and A

Chapters 36 and 37 Questions and Answers
1. When the case knives are too slow for digging, what do Huck and Tom decide to use instead?
1. They decide to change to pick and shovel because it will be faster.
2. When Tom goes upstairs to bed what does he pretend the stairs are?
2. Tom pretends the stairs are a lightning rod.
3. According to Tom why do the witches come to visit Nat at breakfast?
3. Tom says the witches are hungry, and he will bake them a witch pie to satisfy their appetite at breakfast.
4. How many new shirts has Aunt Sally made in the last two years?
4. Aunt Sally has made two shirts in the last two years. If she makes a new one for Uncle Silas it will be her third shirt in the last two years.
5. Why does Uncle Silas find the missing spoon in his pocket?
5. Because Tom puts it there earlier. Jim is supposed to take it from Uncle Silas on one of his visits.
6. What two missing items have been stolen off of the clothesline?
6. The bed sheet and the shirt are taken from the clothesline.
7. What do Huck and Tom bake into the witch's pie?
7. They bake a rope ladder into the witch's pie.
8. What do Huck and Tom do to confuse Aunt Sally about her silverware?
8. They add and remove the spoons alternately to confuse the count.
9. Why do they need a bed sheet?
9. They need a bed sheet to make a rope later.
10. Why do Tom and Huck want to confuse Aunt Sally?
10. The boys want to confuse Aunt Sally so she will not keep such close watch over her belongings. They want to use some of the items for their plan of escape. They are hoping she will not notice the missing items.
Chapters 38 and 39 Questions and Answers
1. How were pens and saws made by Jim and Huck?
1. Pens were filed out of candlesticks, and the saw was made out of a case knife.
2. What does Tom decide to use for the coat of arms and the mournful inscriptions?
2. Tom decides to use the grindstone at the mill.
3. What does Jim threaten to do if Tom forces him to live with rattlesnakes?
3. Jim threatens to leave rather than risk his life with rattlesnakes.
4. What does Tom substitute for the rattlesnakes?
4. Tom substitutes garter snakes for rattlesnakes. Jim agrees even though he is not happy about that either.
5. What animal bites him? What does he do with the blood?
5. Whenever a rat bites Jim, he uses the blood to write on his shirt that is used as a journal.
6. How is Jim supposed to water his flower?
6. Jim is given an onion to water his flower with his own tears.
7. What happens to the rats under Aunt Sally's bed? How does Aunt Sally feel about them?
7. The little Phelps child opens the cage door and lets the rats out. They run all over the bedroom and frighten Aunt Sally.
8. Where do the garter snakes go after they crawl out of the bag in the boys' bedroom?
8. The garter snakes are spread all over the house. They hang from the rafters and drop into plates and on people's necks.
9. Why does Jim have trouble sleeping at night?
9. Jim cannot sleep because the rats, snakes, and spiders are bothering him all day and all night.
10. What does Tom's last anonymous letter reveal?
10. The letter says that a "desperate gang of cutthroats" will come to steal Jim exactly at midnight.
Chapters 40 and 41 Questions and Answers
1. Where has Huck forgotten the butter for the boys' lunch?
1. Huck has left the butter in the cellar.
2. Who does Huck find in the "setting-room?"
2. Huck finds fifteen farmers in the "setting room." Each of them is carrying a gun for protection.
3. What happens to Tom's britches when the three are escaping to the river and the raft?
3. Huck's britches are caught on a splinter on the top rail of the fence. When he pulls loose, the splinter snaps back and makes a noise.
4. Why don't the dogs pay any attention to Huck, Jim, and Tom?
4. The dogs know them and are friendly.
5. What has happened to Tom during the escape?
5. Tom was shot and has a bullet lodged in his leg.
6. What does Huck tell the doctor about Tom's bullet wound?
6. Huck tells the doctor Tom was dreaming and kicked his gun, and it shot him in the leg.
7. Why does the doctor leave Huck on the shore when he goes to take care of Tom?
7. The doctor tells Huck the canoe is not safe for two people.
8. Where does Huck sleep all night?
8. Huck sleeps on a lumber pile.
9. What is going on at the Phelps Plantation when Huck gets there?
9. The house is still full of people telling exaggerated stories about what happened the night before.
10. Why doesn't Huck leave the house at night to check on Tom at the raft?
10. Huck swears that "he wouldn't do nothing to grieve her anymore."
Chapters 42 and 43 Questions and Answers
1. When Tom finally comes home who accompanies him?
1. The doctor, Jim, and the men attending to Jim, accompany Tom to his home.
2. How do the men treat Jim as a runaway slave?
2. They curse him and give him an occasional blow on the head.
3. What do they threaten to do to Jim to teach the other slaves a lesson?
3. They threaten to hang Jim to teach the other slaves a lesson.
4. Why don't they do what they feel like doing to Jim?
4. They are afraid Jim's owner might come back to claim him, and they would be obligated to pay for the loss of property.
5. What is Jim's punishment when he gets back to his cabin?
5. He is chained to the floor with both legs, and his arms are also chained. He is put on a diet of bread and water.
6. When Tom wakes up what does he reveal to Aunt Sally?
6. Tom reveals the whole plan of Jim's escape to Aunt Sally.
7. Who arrives to surprise her sister?
7. Aunt Polly arrives from St. Petersburg and surprises everyone including her sister, Aunt Sally.
8. Who first reveals Jim's freedom? How is Jim freed?
8. Tom reveals Jim's freedom to Huck and Aunt Sally. Jim was freed by Miss Watson in her will.
9. What happened to Pap?
9. Pap was found dead by Jim in the floating house earlier in the novel. Jim does not tell Huck until the end of the novel.
10. What does Huck plan to do at the novel's end?
10. Huck plans to "light out for the territory ahead of the rest" so Aunt Sally will not try to adopt him and "sivilize" him.