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Houdon--American Art

statue of George Washington

Thomas Jefferson- American Art

Brown looking White house

Copley-American Art

Sam Adams in a red suit and the declaration

Cole- American Art

scenery from a cliff raian clouds on the left and a river loop

Latrobe- American Art

The U.S. capitol cartoon like

Eakins -American Art

Gross Clinic: men doing surgery in black suits

Homer-American Art

Life Line : Scene resembles the gaurdian guy saving girl

Ryder- American Art

Jonah: abstract wirls with what appears to be an angel at the top and a man being swallowed at the bottom

Riis- American Art

Photo of a family 3 girls an one man

Stieglitz- American Art

Building in the snowy fog

Sloan- American Art

Crowd of people and one woman with a red dress

Hartley- American Art

Abstract picture witha german cross

Dove- American Art

Green and black abstract swirls

O' Keefe- American Art

City Night- from the ground veiw in between 2 tall buildings

Lange- American Art

Photo of a struggling Migrant mother with her kids

Lawrence- American Art

painting of African American crowding into a train station

O'Keefe- American Art

Orange, Red, White , and Yelllow Flower/ fire opening scene

Weston- American Art

black and white on gray scale flower photo

Giacometti- No style

elongated black figures on a black slab

Bacon- No style

man in a purple suit between two slabs of meat

Dubuffet- No style

weird cow

Wols- No style

Bacteria looking painting

Gorky-Abstact Expressionism

Yellow , red, black green abstact painting

Pollock- Abstract Expressionism

Light teal blue and multi color dsign

Pollock-Abstract Expressionism

Brown and black messy painting

Krasner- Abstract expressionism

Watermelon color painting

Koonig-Abstract Expressionism

Pink abstract picture

Frankenthaler- Abstract Expressionism

Water color painting with pink and blue

Rothko- Colorfield

two shades of bron and one strip of blue


red with one white stripe

Rauschumberg- Neo Dada

collage and painting with a stuffed eagle

Johns- Neo Dada

yellow and blue target

Nevelson- Neo Dada

Collage of wood sculptures

Kaprow- Happening

person climbing a ladder / building windows

Hamilton- Pop Art

Man with a lollipop and topless woman on the bed

Warhol- Pop Art

MArilyn Monroe repeated

Lichtenstein- Pop Art

Cartoon of woman on the phone

Stella- Minimalism

illusion of x and square

Judd- Minimalism

Boxes on the floor

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