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  1. Poseidon
  2. Calypso
  3. Alcinous
  4. Scylla
  5. Odysseus
  1. a sea nymph (minor goddess) who loves Odysseus
  2. b six-headed monster
  3. c heroic leader of the sailors, king of Ithaca
  4. d god of the sea, earthquakes and storms at sea and father of the Cyclops
  5. e king who listens to Odysseus' story and gives him a ship to travel home

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  1. Sun God
  2. Odysseus' wife
  3. blind prophet who tells Odysseus how to get home
  4. nymph
  5. suitor

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  1. Apollogod of music, poetry, prophecy and medicine


  2. Amphinomusanother suitor


  3. Perimedesherald and messenger of the gods


  4. Helenherald and messenger of the gods


  5. Eurylochussuitor


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