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  1. Perimedes
  2. Persephone
  3. Tiresias
  4. Troy
  5. Charybdis
  1. a member of Odysseus' crew
  2. b wife of Hades
  3. c city where Paris takes Helen
  4. d whirlpool that pulls ships under
  5. e blind prophet who tells Odysseus how to get home

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  1. God who causes a fight between the goddesses over who is the most beautiful
  2. enchantress who turns men into swine
  3. six-headed monster
  4. heroic leader of the sailors, king of Ithaca
  5. old swineherd and friend of Odysseus

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  1. Helioswoman given to Paris as a bribe for choosing Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess


  2. ZeusKing of the Gods


  3. Penelopewife of Hades


  4. PolyphemusCyclops


  5. Calypsoa dog that Odysseus trained before leaving for Troy