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  1. Lampetia
  2. Tiresias
  3. Odysseus
  4. Poseidon
  5. Perimedes
  1. a god of the sea, earthquakes and storms at sea and father of the Cyclops
  2. b member of Odysseus' crew
  3. c nymph
  4. d blind prophet who tells Odysseus how to get home
  5. e heroic leader of the sailors, king of Ithaca

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  1. a dog that Odysseus trained before leaving for Troy
  2. suitor
  3. Odysseus' son
  4. city where Paris takes Helen
  5. goddess of love and beauty

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  1. Eurynomecrew member


  2. Alcinousleader among the suitors


  3. PersephoneOdysseus' wife


  4. Sirenswomen whose songs lure men to their deaths


  5. PolyphemusCyclops