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What kind of Cell Reference is $C$4

Absolute Reference (holds both column and row.)

What function do you use if you want to get a total of numbers in a range?


What function do you use if you want an average of a range of numbers?


What do you call the banner that comes up when you are typing a function in Excel?

screen tip

What are the three types of a function?

equal sign, function name, argument

What is the spacing for the body of a report?

SS or DS with DS preferred

When typing a bibliography section of a report, what kind of indent should be used for each reference?


What is an example of a salutation?

Dear Mr. McCoy
Sir or Madam

What is an example of a complimentary close?

Thanks for your time
Yours truly

What does the typist initials tell the reader?

The initials of the person who typed the letter.

What is the definition of formatting?

Changing the appearance of something

What is a hanging indent?

First line is flush (right up against) the margin, all others in the paragraph are indented over.

What button will Left Align Text?

Left Align Button

What is another form of a memo used on the computer?


What tab do you use to center your words under the tab stop?

Center Tab

How do you list the sources in the works cited section of a report?

Alphabetical by Author

How long should your resume be for most jobs?

One Page

Why shouldn't you use the same resume for all the jobs you are applying to?

Because you want to tailor your resume for the job you are applying for.

Why should you always use your best language skills when online?

You don't want people to think bad of you

Cords in the office should

-be covered or behind furniture
-be pulled from the outlet by the plug
-never allowed to be frayed

What is Cyberbullying?

-When someone says hurtful things to someone else on the Internet
-When someone posts under an assumed identity
-When someone ignores someone else online

In order for a work to be protected under copyright, it must be

-fixed in a tangible form of expression

Rights of copyright include

The right to reproduce one's work
The right to distribute one's work
The right to display one's work

What is netiquette?

Rules of behavior on the Internet

Once private information is shared online through text or an e-mail, what happens to it?

It's permanent
It can be spread easily

If you are viewing e-mail, Facebook, or Edmodo, before you leave you what should you do?

log out

When online, you should

-never start a flame war
-never tell strangers who you are

What do you need to do to protect your computer from viruses?

-Install a good anti-virus software
-Update the anti-virus regularly
-Be careful what you download

Database Management System

Allows you to store, retrieve, analyze, and print information

Primary Key

The field that contains a unique field value for each record in the table

Record Selector

Appears to the left of the first field for each record


Arranges records from A to Z or smallest to largest


a collection of objects


Database object that lets you ask the database about the data it contains.

Field Name

Used to identify the field


When you view field values in ascending or descending order from A to Z or largest to smallest


Goes Up and down in a data sheet and collects data (compares to a column in Excel)


Goes side to side in a data sheet and contains data (compares to a row in Excel)


The intersection of a column and row

Absolute Cell Reference

A cell reference that does not change when copied or moved to a new cell


a vertical stack of cells in a table or worksheet

Format Painter

a feature that copies format attributes such as colors, borders, and fill effects from an object, text, or cell in order to apply the same formatting to another object, text, or cell


an equation that calculates a new value from values currently in a worksheet

Mixed Cell Reference

a cell reference that contains bother relative and absolute cell references.

Range Reference

The unique identifier for a range, which is the cell in its upper-left corner and the cell in its lower right corner, separated by a colon.


a group of selected cells

Relative Cell Reference

a cell reference that adjusts to its new location when copied or moved.


a computerized spreadsheet in Excel


What is number 1?

Inside Address

What is number 2?


What is number 3?


What is number 4?

Complimentary Closing

What is number 5?

Writers Typed Name

What is number 6?

Attachment/Enclosure Notation

What is number 7?

What does a Decimal Tab look like?

What does a Left Tab look like?

What does a Right Tab look like?

What does a Center Tab look like?

The Person (or people) the memo is going to


Today's Date


Who the memo is coming from (even if it's not you)


What the memo is about


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