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  1. churn
  2. pioneer
  3. destructive
  4. trudge
  5. scoundrel
  1. a to stir or shake
  2. b a person who settles in new territory, preparing it for others
    to prepare or open up for others to follow
  3. c a person without honor or good principles
  4. d to walk with effort
  5. e devastation

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  1. to swallow up or enclose
    to overwhelm
  2. a duty under personal feeling or law
  3. a reason that gives a right
    to justify or give a good reasonfor
  4. extreme brightness
  5. rudeness

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  1. liberateto set free
    to deliver
    to release


  2. convertclumsy or awkward


  3. negotiateto come to an agreement
    to talk about


  4. frictiona duty under personal feeling or law


  5. spectruma band of color formed when light is dispersed through a prism