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The Stone

What does Maibon see as he drives down the road?
an old man hobbling along
How does Maibon feel about growing older?
there's nothing worse in the world
What does Maibon consider the worst fate in the world?
growing old and having creaking bones, dim vision, and dull wits
What does Madrona mean when she advises Maibon to stop borrowing trouble?
stop worrying about the future and concentrate on your responsibilities of living today; hoe your fields; plant your crops; care for your family
What did Maibon observe about his tools?
they did not cut or chop as well as they once had done
What did Maibon notice as he was complaining to himself?
something bouncing back and forth beside a fallen tree
Who did Maibon see struggling to free his leg which had been caught under a log?
What can't Doli do that the rest of his family can?
What clues did Maibon observe that convinced him that Doli might be one of the Fair Folk?
his appearance and his talk about turning himself invisible
What were the Fair Folk required to do to anyone that helped them?
return the favor
What practical reward did Doli encourage Maibon to take?
a hazelwood twig to help find water; an ax that never needs sharpening; a cook pot always brimming with food
What motivated Maibon to request a magic stone from Doli?
magic stones can keep a man young forever
How does Maibon get to make a wish?
he frees Doli from being trapped under a log; Doli returns the fvor
What is Maibon's wish?
to remain young forever
Why is Madrona unhappy with his choice of a wish?
he is a selfish fool who should have asked for a reward to benefit his family: new jackets for the children, a new apron, a mended roof, or plastered walls
What is the first clue that helps you predict that Maibon's wish will be a mistake?
Doli declares the stones are greatly overrated and they would rather not give them away; he tries to explain to Maibon there is a difficulty with the stones
What troubles besiege Maibon since he brought the stone into the house?
the eggs had not hatched, the cow had not calved, the wheat had not sprouted, the apple tree had not produced fruit, and the children continue to teethe
Why did Maibon throw the stone out the cottage window?
Madrona nagged him to get rid of it
After he threw the stone out the cottage window, where did Maibon find the stone the next morning?
on the window ledge
How does Maibon try to dispose of the stone?
throwing the stone out the cottage window, burying it in the vegetable patch, throwing it down the well, and pounding it to dust
After he buried the stone in the vegetable patch, where did Maibon find the stone the next morning?
the winking and glittering stone was above the ground
After he threw the stone down the well, where did Maibon find the stone the next morning?
rattling and clanging in the bucket at the top of the well
With what attitude has Maibon attempted to dispose of the stone?
reluctantly; regrettfully; unwillingly
Why does Maibon begin to feel truly distressed?
Nothing changes, there's nothing to look forward to, nothing to show for my work. Why sow if the seeds don't sprout? I'll shrivel from boredom.
What happens to the stone when Maibon tries to pound it to dust?
he could not scratch or chip it
According to Doli, what is the main problem with the stone?
you stay just as you are, but so does everything around you
According to Doli, why hasn't Maibon been successful in his attempts to dispose of the stone?
he didn't have a change in attitude, "he didn't want to change along with the rest of the world...so long as he felt that way the stone was his"
How does Maibon's attitude change at the end of the story?
he wants to focus one day at a time and live each day to the fullest
What is the climax of "The Stone?"
Maibon's change in attitude and tossing the stone down
When he returned home after tossing the stone down, what did Maibon observe?
his field was covered with wheat; the branches of his apple tree bent to the ground, laden with fruit; the hen hatched her chicks; the cow had borne her calf; he saw the first tooth in the baby's mouth
What is Maibon now as equally proud of as he once was of his sturdy arms and legs?
white hair and long beard
At the conclusion of the story, how does Maibon feel about stones?
stones are all right in their own way...but they don't grow
What is the main conflict in The Stone?
Maibon wants to keep the stone believing he will remain young forever, but Madrona nags him to throw it away, believing it is causing all their misfortunes