56 terms

in company unit 6

a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)
an upward trend or an increase in activity EX. During Euro transition banks saw an >>>>>> in new bank account openings
a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)
a situation in whichan industry or economic situation becomes much weaker
money received from the state
a critical situation that arises because of a shortage (as a shortage of time or money or resources)
a quantity much larger than is needed
financing a commercial enterprise by bond or stock shares, the sale of stock in a company for the first time
to improve a business, organization, process, etc. by making it more modern or simple
wind up
finally be or do something
buy up
take over ownership of
buy into
buy stocks or shares of a company
a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality
open the meeting
otwierać spotkanie
close the meeting
zamykać spotkanie
welcome the participants
przywitać uczestników
introduce the participants
przedstawić uczestników
set the agenda
ustalić agendę
stick to the agenda
trzymać się agendy
define main goal
ustalić główny cel
establish main goal
ustalić główny cel
deliberate over the final decision
think about the final decision
take the final decision
podnieść końcową decyzję
ask for points of view
zapytać o opinie
summarise points of view
podsumować opinie
bring in other speakers
to introduce other participants in the discussion
shut out other speakers
not to let other participants state their opinions
anticipate areas of conflict
to predict what subjects may lead to an argument
avoid troublemakers
not to let the people who cause trouble take over
work out an action plan
wypracować plan działań
assign follow-up tasks
delegować zadania po spotkaniu
focus on the key issues
skupić się na kluczowych problemach
communication breakdown
problem w komunikowaniu się
myślenie grupowe, bezkrytyczne
point scoring
to do something just to gain points/approval of the manager
hidden agenda
when the purpose of the speech is intentionally left unstated or hidden behind another purpose
wind up
zwinąć (interes)
sell off
close down
set up
found ( a business)
buy into
take over (partially)
to give power or authority to; to enable; to permit
anyone who has an interest in the business
input in discussion
what somebody brings in to the discussion
to take things further
to make a progress
to rush into
to hurry
the figures don't add up
dane się nie zgadzają
come back to this later
wrócić do tego póżniej
can you get back to me on that?
can you report me after you have completed the task?
to fill somebody in
to provide someone with the details
to wrap things up
to finish
to set up another meeting
zwołać kolejne spotkanie
let's move on to the next item of the agenda
let's discuss the next topic on the list
are you ok with this
czy się tym zgadzasz? (with OK)