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The values, beliefs, attitudes, languages, symbols, rituals, behaviors, and customs unique to a particular group of people and passed from one generation to the next.


A classification of people based on national origin and/or culture.


A classification of people based on physical or biological characteristics such as the color of skin, hair, and eyes; facial features; blood type; and bone structure.

Cultural Diversity

The differences based on cultural, ethnic, and racial factors.

Cultural Assimilation

The absorbtion of many cultures into the dominant culture through a process.


The process of learning the beliefs and behaviors of a dominant culture and assuming some of the characteristics.


The ability to recognize and appreciate the personal characteristics of others, is essential in health care.


to pre-judge.


An assumption made that everyone in a particular group is the same.

Holistic Care

Care that provides for the well being of the whole person and meets not only physical needs, but also social and mental needs.

Nuclear Family

Consists of a mother, father, and children

Extended Family

Includes a nuclear family plus grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.


The father or oldest male is the authority figure.


The mother or oldest female is the authority figure.

Personal Space

Often called territorial space, describes the distance people require to feel comfortable while interacting with each other.


The benefits individuals have about themselves, their connections with others, and their relationship with a higher power.


An organized system of belief in a super human power or higher power.


A person who does not believe in any deity


An individual who believes that the existence of God cannot be proved or disproved.


A perference that inhibits impartial judgement.


Individuals believe that their cultural values are better than the cultural values of others and may antagonize and alienate people from other cultures.

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