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napoleon wanted the borders of france to be expanded beyond...

natural frontiers

napoleon had little interest in topping...


napoleon wanted to be the father of...


napoleon wanted to conquest to produce positions for...


realpolitik over...


how many of the grand armees soldiers were foreign


satellite states to take part in

continental system

conquered territories paid how much of military costs


before nap, holland was very


under napoleon, holland's churches allowed

jews and catholics equal rights

when was a good education system est in holland


which country created a code of law in 1809 that ignored code napoleon


how did napoleon improve holland's economy

1806 more effective tax collection system, national debt

which country agreed to support 25,000 troops


what happened in 1810 in holland

conscription introduced, 14,000 troops for russia most died

were the effects in holland long/short term

short, dutch rebelled after failures in russia allowing russians and prussians in

what was belgium like before

church owned half land, middle class force

what three things happened to the churches in belgium

clerical power reduced, churches lost land, clergy obedient to conscription

education in belgium

lycees in cities, little done to primary ed and illiteracy in rural areas

what law was introduced in belgium

code napoleon

what did the law in belgium mean

equality before law

how did napoleon change the economy in belgium

single tax system

how did napoleon change the gov in belgium

more centralised

what conscription was in belgium

1798-1813 216,111

was belgium long/short term

welcomes liberation in 1814

what was switzerland like before

no central gov, loose federal state, no power nor central army

what happened to the church of switzerland

lost land

which school system was modernised, becoming one of the best in Europe


which country had a single currency swiss franc and french taxes


what did switzerland do for conscription

1812, 9000 for russia, 700 returned

long/short term of switzerland

neutral after lepzig but adopted liberal constitution like france in 1848

what was spain like before

backward, dominated by nobility, stagnation

which country abolished nunneries and monasteries, and sold church lands


spain declared catholisism

only true faith

what law was introduced in spain

1812 384 article constitution, legal equality, manhood suffrage

conscription in spain

1807 14,000

spain long/short term

1814 bourbons restored, most effects close to madrid

what was portugal like before?

poor, backward

portugal declared religious...


what did portugal pay to france

1 million livres a month

how many in portugal were forced to join the french army


which country did the british take over, putting it in debt


long/short term portugal

france's stay to brief to leave effects

what happened before in grand duchy

nobles 7% of population

which country banned jews from voting for 10 years in 1808

grand duchy

what was introduced in law in grand duchy

code napoleon, legal equality, freedom of worship

what wasn't effectively implemented in grand duchy because he wanted support of nobles

code napoleon

what percent of males got vote in grand duchy


how many conscripted in grand duchy which was more than any other country

200,000 poles

which country continued to fight at waterloo

grand duchy

which country had a spirit of nationalism

grand duchy

long/short term grand duchy

effects limited from support of nobility, aspects of code after 1815

what was italy like before

backwards, 10 states

which rep during 1796-1799 gave freedom of religion, sold church lands


which rep 96-99 gave jews equal rights, sold church lands, bishops wealth reduced


what law was given to italy

uniform law, equality

economy in italy

taxes rose, single currency lira

education italy

secondary improved

conscription italy

1802-1814 155,000 joined army-nationalism

what was naples like before

poorest and backward italian state

what was abolished in naples


who diminated in naples


how long was the period of rule in naples


who liked the changes in piedmont

noble and middle class

which country changed with france


what did they dislike in piedmont

conscription, taxes

who got more careers in rome and p states


where was french rule (italy)

rome and papal states

what equality did rome and papl have


which states were france unpopular with


italy long term?

dynasties restored, code nap taxes retained, nationalism

germany before

centralised states run by noble families

how many did the rhine conscript


what german state was given taxes and civil rights


which g state was given code napoleon and fiscal system for tax collection


bavaria's...was reformed


who was given more freedom in bavaria


who still had power in bavaria


which german states was given centralised admin, legal and fiscal reform

wurttermberg and baden

how many troops wurttermberg

20,000 1809

what law was introduced in 1808 in westphalia

code napoleon

what became uniform in westphalia


westphalia had

legal equality, religious freedom, no feudal privelages

in prussia who elected mayors and councillers

property owners

prussia had new


how much of land did peasants pay in prussia


who reformed calvary and artillery


what did prussia retain

nobles owning land from 18th century

long/short term germany

transformed into capitalist beougeouis soceity

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