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Who were the Puritans and who do they think had too much power
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Why did the pilgrims community struggleThe family was poor and the hunting and fishing was not in that areaWho was present at the first thanksgiving why did the event take place and what did that event MarkWampanaug chief Maddaoit. To celebrate the harvest. This mark the survival of the pilgrims in the new colonyWhy was the pilgrim settlement different from Virginia's describe the pilgrims family lifeHe had many families all families were together minimum and had different jobsHow are the rights of women in the colony different from in EnglandWomen in Plymouth had more legal rights women in England could not make contracts to Sue and own propertyWho was Naomi SylvesterA widow who received a large share of her husband's estate she was called a hard workerWhat was the great migration and when and why did it occurEconomic, political, and religious problems in England between 1629 and 1640 a lot of people move to New EnglandWhat was the Massachusetts Bay CompanyPuritans and merchants form the companyWhat happened in 1630 and who was the leader of the group of PuritansFleets of ships carrying to Puritans left England to seek new religious freedom Led by John WinthropWhat did the Puritans bring with him to America did the native Americans put up much resistance what factors help the Massachusetts Bay colony do wellThey brought large amounts of tools and livestock. The native Americans did not put up much resistance. The region did well around Boston because It had a fairly healthy climateWhat was created to run the Massachusetts colony and describe the general courtA general court was formed H town sent 2 to 3 delegates to courtWhat was closely linked to Puritan New England and who were the only colonist about this timePolitics and religion male members of the churchHow did colonist become full members in the churchBecoming members is what Puritans called God selection are chosenWhat did Thomas Hooker do in 1636 what did he write explain the fundamental orders of Connecticut what did some historians call himHe helped found Connecticut fundamental orders of Connecticut which meant that men Who are not members of the church were allowed to vote they called him the father of American democracyWhy was Roger Williams forced to leave MassachusettsPuritan leaders worried that Williams idea might hurt the unity of the colonyWhere did Williams and his followers go and what were Williams and his followers views on religionThey went to southern new England and they supported the separation of the church from the stateWho was and Hutchinson what were her views and where did she and her followers go after she was banished from BostonShe publicly discuss religion and ideas that some leaders thought was radical she believe that people's relationship with God did not need guidance from ministers she went to PortsmouthWhat were The worst community complex in New England what were the largest number of trials held what was the result of the Salem witch trialsThe witch trials were in Salem Massachusetts and 19 people were put to deathHow were Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island different from the southern colonies was slavery important to this regionOften harsh climate and Rocky soil which meant that fewNew England farms could grow cash crops slavery was not as importantIt was vital to New England's economyTradeWho did the New England colony trade with and what did they tradeI traded goods locally with other colonies and overseas they traded furs, pick lead beef and porkWhat was the first college found it in the colonies who founded and Nguyen what does it teach what was the second college founded and whenHarvard College founded by John Harvard and 1636 which taught ministers the second college was William and Mary college and 1693What was the New England primerI characters and stories from the BibleHow did the English colonies feel about education and what were town schoolsEducation was very important and order that a school be founded in every township of 50 familiesDescribe apprentices who is Gabriel giningsThey live with master craftsman and learn from the master he was an apprentice in Portsmouth Rhode IslandWhat was one of the regions leading industriesFishing was a leading industryWhat type of skilled trades were found in the New England statesBlacksmithing leaving shipbuilding and printingWhy did shipbuilding become an important industry in New EnglandThe area had a lot of for us which supplies materials for shipbuilding