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  1. animosity
  2. passive
  3. acute
  4. torpor
  5. implied
  1. a to make something understood without expressing it directly
  2. b sharp, severe, perceptive
  3. c strong hostility, usually personal
  4. d sluggishness from temporary loss of physical powers due to a cause such as very cold weather
  5. e someone unwilling to act or lead and therefore always wants someone else to take the initiative

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  1. drowsiness or sluggishness from some physical cause, such as drugs or overeating
  2. low(er) in place or quality
  3. Latin, to wander
  4. mental derangement or deviation or error in scientific observation
  5. a place of storage for objects, ideas, or materials, especially of cultural value

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  1. wilinesscunning


  2. execrablea curse


  3. execrationa curse


  4. inertto wanderer from the path of virtue, duty, or truth


  5. inanemeaninglessness or senselessness that suggests a lack of understanding or intelligence