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  1. aberration
  2. condonation
  3. inanity
  4. errare
  5. impudence
  1. a rash, bold, or insolent in a self-superior way
  2. b mental derangement or deviation or error in scientific observation
  3. c approval of something questionable by seeming to overlook it
  4. d Latin, to wander
  5. e meaninglessness or senselessness that suggests a lack of understanding or intelligence

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  1. the profession of a knight-errant
  2. beyond reason, without restraint
  3. a temper that is bad, ugly, hellish - literally worthy of curses
  4. aid, help
  5. a curse

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  1. inaneinactive or lifeless


  2. jocunda cheerful and gay manner, but not quite exultant


  3. refugeerest, quiet


  4. exasperationintense irritation, often violent


  5. repositorystrong hostility, usually personal