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  1. dormant
  2. immoderate
  3. acute
  4. jubilee
  5. inordinate
  1. a sharp, severe, perceptive
  2. b literally a temporary condition of inactivity like sleep
  3. c a celebration, a time or occasion of rejoicing
  4. d beyond reason, without restraint
  5. e not sufficiently restrained

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  1. a protecting escort at sea or a group of ships being escorted
  2. a manner that is indifferent, uninterested, or languid
  3. enjoyment, satisfaction, or leniency (either yours or permitted by you for others)
  4. a bow or curtsy, respect
  5. a belief that is wrong, deviant, or mistaken

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  1. exultantclearly stated


  2. astutenessskill in dodging something, usually by the use of cunning; used chiefly in the abstract sense, it means avoiding either the issue or a definitive verbal commitment


  3. cortegeskill in maneuvering or planning


  4. fugitivea celebration, a time or occasion of rejoicing


  5. wilinesscunning


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