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  1. knight-errantry
  2. implicit
  3. dormant
  4. erroneous
  5. knight-errant
  1. a literally a temporary condition of inactivity like sleep
  2. b the profession of a knight-errant
  3. c a wandering knight
  4. d a belief that is wrong, deviant, or mistaken
  5. e unquestioning, implied; implied permission

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  1. a tyrannical person who may dominate a schoolroom, a home, a business, or a nation
  2. rage, fury, or intense anger, with a desire to punish or to avenge a misdeed or offense
  3. a place of storage for objects, ideas, or materials, especially of cultural value
  4. restrained, slow-burning anger
  5. hellish, fiendish

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  1. acutesenseless, empty


  2. succoraid, help


  3. astutenessskill in dodging something, usually by the use of cunning; used chiefly in the abstract sense, it means avoiding either the issue or a definitive verbal commitment


  4. strategya procession of followers or attendants


  5. wilinesscunning


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