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  1. diabolic(al)
  2. repose
  3. exasperation
  4. pausare
  1. a to place
  2. b Latin, to pause or rest
  3. c a devilish scheme fit only for, or devised by, a devil
  4. d intense irritation, often violent

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  1. a temper that is bad, ugly, hellish - literally worthy of curses
  2. aid, help
  3. oppressive or unjust government
  4. sharp, severe, perceptive
  5. someone unwilling to act or lead and therefore always wants someone else to take the initiative

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  1. aberrationwholehearted rejoicing; more vociferous than exultation


  2. jubilationmental derangement or deviation or error in scientific observation


  3. autocrata tyrannical person who may dominate a schoolroom, a home, a business, or a nation


  4. genuflectionknee-bending in worship


  5. inanesenseless, empty