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  1. passive
  2. ponere
  3. knight-errantry
  4. explicit
  5. exorbitant
  1. a someone unwilling to act or lead and therefore always wants someone else to take the initiative
  2. b excessive, unreasonable (in what one asks); applies mainly to prices, values and qualities
  3. c clearly stated
  4. d Latin, to place
  5. e the profession of a knight-errant

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  1. a procession of followers or attendants
  2. to make something understood without expressing it directly
  3. the quality that makes a fugitive hard to catch
  4. quick, alert and deft of mind or body
  5. Latin, to wander

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  1. jubileea celebration, a time or occasion of rejoicing


  2. execrationa curse


  3. evasivenessskill in dodging something, usually by the use of cunning; used chiefly in the abstract sense, it means avoiding either the issue or a definitive verbal commitment


  4. wilinesscunning


  5. aberrationa curse