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  1. torpor
  2. dispensation
  3. listless
  4. nimble
  5. lethargy
  1. a approval by the church of some exception or variation from its rules or laws
  2. b quick, alert and deft of mind or body
  3. c a manner that is indifferent, uninterested, or languid
  4. d sluggishness from temporary loss of physical powers due to a cause such as very cold weather
  5. e drowsiness or sluggishness from some physical cause, such as drugs or overeating

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  1. cunning
  2. aid, help
  3. in military affairs, specific devices and operations
  4. a group of attendants
  5. oppressive or unjust government

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  1. astutenessshrewdness or mental sharpness, with a hint of wiliness


  2. jocundliterally a temporary condition of inactivity like sleep


  3. discernmentclear seeing; may be mental insight or physical vision


  4. indignationapproval of something questionable by seeming to overlook it


  5. sanctionaid, help