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  1. inordinate
  2. execrable
  3. despot
  4. dictator
  5. implied
  1. a to make something understood without expressing it directly
  2. b a temper that is bad, ugly, hellish - literally worthy of curses
  3. c beyond reason, without restraint
  4. d a tyrant belonging more likely to a regular line of succession
  5. e a tyrant or absolute ruler who ordinarily seizes power and does not transmit it to a successor in a family line

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  1. clearly stated
  2. intense irritation, often violent
  3. the mildest form of anger; merely ruffled
  4. Latin, to wander
  5. a manner that is indifferent, uninterested, or languid

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  1. reposeto place


  2. convoya once-popular woman's salutation, a dipping of the body


  3. diabolic(al)unquestioning, implied; implied permission


  4. tacticin military affairs, specific devices and operations


  5. indulgenceinsulting behavior, impudence