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  1. passive
  2. convoy
  3. inane
  4. execration
  5. refugee
  1. a someone unwilling to act or lead and therefore always wants someone else to take the initiative
  2. b one who flees from home or homeland to escape some human or natural danger
  3. c senseless, empty
  4. d a curse
  5. e a protecting escort at sea or a group of ships being escorted

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  1. rest, quiet
  2. hellish, fiendish
  3. inactive or lifeless
  4. quick, alert and deft of mind or body
  5. the mildest form of anger; merely ruffled

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  1. resentmentrestrained, slow-burning anger


  2. genuflectionknee-bending in worship


  3. succoraid, help


  4. dispensationa curse


  5. astutenessskill in dodging something, usually by the use of cunning; used chiefly in the abstract sense, it means avoiding either the issue or a definitive verbal commitment