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Phlebotomy Handbook 8th Edition Diana Garza and Kathleen Becan-McBride

Whole blood consist mostly of which of the following?

a. water
b. solutes
c. cells
d. tissues

a. water (pg. 220)

Which type of blood cell is responsible for gas exchange in the circulation of blood?

a. red blood cells
b. white blood cells
c. platelets
d. macrophages

a. red blood cells (pg. 224)

Which type of blood cell is responsible for defense and immunity?

a. red blood cells
b. white blood cells
c. platelets
d. macrophages

b. white blood cells (pg. 227)

The liquid portion of a blood specimen (without and anticoagulant) is called:

a. plasma
b. serum
c. cellular components
d. oxygenated blood

b. serum (pg. 233)

Which of the following veins is the preferred vein for venipuncture procedures?

a. popliteal
b. brachial
c. median cubical
d. cephalic

c. median cubical (pg. 217)

Which of the following is the region of the body contains lymph nodes?

a. upper torso
b. lower torso
c. around the heart
d. throughout the body

d. throughout the body (pg. 240)

Which type of bleeding is the easiest to control?

a. venous
b. capillary
c. arterial
d. systolic

b. capillary (pg. 220)

Which blood test includes WBC and RBC counts, hemoglobin, and hematocrit?

a. PTT
b. Hgb, Hct
c. blood typing
d. CBC

d. CBC (pg. 228)

The most common blood type is:

a. A
b. B
c. AB
d. O

d. O (pg. 225)

Troponin tests are used to assess:

a. RBC size
b. WBC counts
c. heart damage
d. thrombus formation

c. heart damage (pg. 231)

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