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  1. Rarefy
  2. Sedition
  3. Sentient
  4. Rhetoric
  5. Seraphic
  1. a effective writing or speaking
  2. b behavior that promotes rebellion or civil disorder against the state
  3. c to make thinner or sparser
  4. d angelic; sweet
  5. e aware; conscious; able to perceive

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  1. a well-paying job or office that requires little or no work
  2. humorous in a vulgar way
  3. response
  4. extremely sacred; beyond criticism
  5. very highly ornamented; relating to an 18th century artistic style of elaborate ornamentation

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  1. Raconteurwitty, skillful storyteller


  2. Salientaware; conscious; able to perceive


  3. Repleterexlation; leisure


  4. Redressto make thinner or sparser


  5. Salubrioushealthful