Latin America Chap. 8 Section 1 HW

latin american history
Leader(s) of revolt: Toussaint L'Ouverture and Jean Jacques Dessalines
Year revolt began: 1791
Mother country: France
Year independence was won: Jan. 1, 1804
New rulers: Former slaves begin a new government
Results of revolution: first black free colony of Europeans
South America
Leader(s) of revolt: Simon Bolivar and Jose de san Martin
Year revolt began: 1810
Mother country: Spain
Year independence was won: 1824
New rulers: Creoles
Results of revolution: Gran Colombia was created with the colonies Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, and Colombia
Leader(s) of revolt: Miguel Hidalgo and Padre Jose Maria Morelos
Year revolt began: Sep. 16, 1810
Mother country: Spain
Year independence was won: 1821
New rulers: Augustine de Iturbide (emperor of Mexico)
Results of revolution: Mexico gained independence and Central America declared it
Leader(s) of revolt: Creoles
Year revolt began: 1822
Mother country: Portugal
Year independence was won: Sep. 7, 1822
New rulers: Dom Pedro
Results of revolution: Brazil won independence in bloodless revolution