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  1. understood "you"
  2. atmoshpere
  3. robert frost
  4. how a story unfold
  5. Basho Matsuo
  1. a dominat emotional feeling of a literay work that contribute to mood
    -created through details of setting(time/place/weather)
  2. b -exposition(setting, characters, etc.)
    -riagin action
    -falling action
  3. c after apple picking, fire and ice
    -from great depression
  4. d ex. Ann, get out
    -"you" infront of "get"
  5. e best japanese poet for haiku

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  1. can be adjectivial/adverial
  2. have puncuation
  3. -by: Shirely Jackson
    -Allison's Cottage
  4. 1 in
  5. noun or pronoun placed next to another noun or pronoun that renames/decribes/identifies the first noun or pronoun
    -essential, nonessential

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  1. onomatopeiarepition of concenet sounds
    -in end of words that dont rhye and precied vowels


  2. charactersregular pattern of stressed/unstressed sylables that give a line of poetry predictable rhythm
    -unit of meter within a line is a foot
    -name of the meter depends in how many foots in a line


  3. noun of direct addressex. Sam, get out
    -Sam is the NDA


  4. figurative languageraisin in th esun


  5. foil3 lines of 5,7,5 sylables about nature and love
    -japanese poetry