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  1. how a story unfold
  2. setting
  3. internal citations on MLA
  4. essential appositives
  5. theme
  1. a time/place which events of liturature happen
    -includes physical surrounding/ideas/customs/values/belifs of time/palce
    -creat atmosphere/mood
  2. b have no punctuation
  3. c -exposition(setting, characters, etc.)
    -riagin action
    -falling action
  4. d -short=3 line or less
    -long= 4 lines or more
  5. e main idea/message of story
    -stated theme(expressed directly)
    -implied theme(revealed gradually through plot/character.setting/point of veiw/symbols)
    -can have mroe than one theme
    -theme diffrent from subject

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  1. ex. Ann, get out
    -"you" infront of "get"
  2. a story with 2 levels of meaning
    -surface story: contains symbols
    -underline story: inder sureface story
  3. Smith, Jane. Title(italesised and underline). Highlands, Texas: Publisher, year.
  4. -by: Shirely Jackson
    -Allison's Cottage
  5. -first line indented to left margin, and others indented 5 spaces to the right
    -alphabetical order

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  1. helping verbform of to be
    -by itself


  2. prepositional phraseverbal+modifiers and/or complement(oov)


  3. onomatopeiause of word.phrase that imatates/suggest sound of what it describes


  4. william shakespeareshall i comapre thee to a summers day


  5. all teachers can praise danceclauses have own subject and verb, phrases do not