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  1. foil
  2. prepositional phrase
  3. atmoshpere
  4. william shakespeare
  5. heading of MLA
  1. a shall i comapre thee to a summers day
  2. b -name
    -date (day#, month spelled out, year#)
  3. c dominat emotional feeling of a literay work that contribute to mood
    -created through details of setting(time/place/weather)
  4. d character who is strong contrast to other characters(usually main)
    -calls attention to SStrngths/weaknesses of character
  5. e can be adjectivial/adverial

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  1. S-V-DO-what
  2. verbal+modifiers and/or complement(oov)
  3. -tunnel(metaphor of life, birth, through tunnel going to try to grow up)
    -by: Dorris Lessing
    -traveled world with parents and ended up in Zimbabwee
    -Jerry(from England in India) go through tunnel
  4. also worte hiaku, was one of the 36 poertioc geniuses of japan
  5. last sentencce of first paragraph

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  1. symbols of masque of the red death-black/red room(blood, death)
    -clock(passage of time)
    -7 rooms(7 stages of life)
    -Prince Prospero(money, prosperity, good time)
    -gates welded shut(avoiding death)


  2. tanka5 lines of 5,7,5,7,7 sylables thats unrhymed and about nature


  3. citations on MLA-first line indented to left margin, and others indented 5 spaces to the right
    -alphabetical order


  4. characterizationanimal/object/force of nature/ idea is given human cahracteristics


  5. robert frostS-V-Who/What