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  1. heading of MLA
  2. linking verb
  3. differecne between english and italien sonnets are...
  4. internal rhyme
  5. langston huges
  1. a the rhyme schemes
  2. b harlem renasence poet
  3. c -name
    -date (day#, month spelled out, year#)
  4. d form of to be
    -by itself
  5. e rhyme occurs within single line of poetry
    -conveys meaning
    -envoke mood
    -create musical effect

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  1. use of word.phrase that imatates/suggest sound of what it describes
  2. -exposition(setting, characters, etc.)
    -riagin action
    -falling action
  3. bones of a sentence
  4. animal/object/force of nature/ idea is given human cahracteristics
  5. where, when, why, what fasion

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  1. font for MLAtimes new roman 12


  2. header on MLAlast name and page numer


  3. gerundact as nouns
    -end in -ing
    -can be: DO, IDO, OOP, OOV, PN, APP, OC


  4. adjective modify:last sentencce of first paragraph


  5. george eliotsilas marner