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  1. Lady Ise
  2. title of MLA
  3. foil
  4. english sonent
  5. author/title on MLA
  1. a in the first sentence of first paragraph
  2. b problem set forth in 12 lines, then last two lines(rhyming couplete) its solved
  3. c character who is strong contrast to other characters(usually main)
    -calls attention to SStrngths/weaknesses of character
  4. d same size as body
  5. e also worte hiaku, was one of the 36 poertioc geniuses of japan

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  1. repitition of same stressed vowel sounds and any suceeding sounds in two or more words
    -end rhyme(end of the lines)
    -internal rhyme(within single line of poetry)
    -slant rhyme(words include souds that are simular but not identical, involves variation of concancance which is the repitition of consanants, and assonace which is the repition of vowels
  2. 3 lines of 5,7,5 sylables about nature and love
    -japanese poetry
  3. after apple picking, fire and ice
    -from great depression
  4. end in -ed, -en, or irregulars
  5. pattern of beats created by arrangment of stressed/unstressed syllables in poem
    -gives musical quality
    -emphasises certain words/ideas to convey meaning
    -types include regular(pradicatable pattern), and irregular

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  1. rhyme schemepattern of rhyme at end of each line


  2. universaltheme/character/situation that can be found anywhere/anytime


  3. adjectives askwhat kind, which one


  4. OC questionrepition of consanant sounds, generaly at the begining of words.
    -emphasis words
    -reinforce meaning
    -create musical effect


  5. sonnetrepitition of vowel(same/simualr) sounds in a word that are close together


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