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  1. verbal phrase
  2. english sonent
  3. author/title on MLA
  4. masque of the red death
  5. object complement verbs
  1. a problem set forth in 12 lines, then last two lines(rhyming couplete) its solved
  2. b -make
  3. c verbal+modifiers and/or complement(oov)
  4. d -by: Edgar Allen Poe
    -married cousin, dies at 40, whole family died of terbuculosis)
    -mood(emotional quality of work and atmosphere
    -Prince Prospero with 7 rooms symbols Shakespeares stages of life
  5. e in the first sentence of first paragraph

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  1. renames subject (N/PN) when LV
  2. last name and page numer
  3. repitition of same stressed vowel sounds and any suceeding sounds in two or more words
    -end rhyme(end of the lines)
    -internal rhyme(within single line of poetry)
    -slant rhyme(words include souds that are simular but not identical, involves variation of concancance which is the repitition of consanants, and assonace which is the repition of vowels
  4. descriptive language that appeals to one more of 5 sense(sight.hear/touch/taste/smell)
    -creates emotional response in reader
  5. author, title, city, publisher, date

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  1. consanacevariation of language spoken by group of people in particular region


  2. DO asksS-V-DO-to whom/what


  3. similieuses words "like" and "as" to compare two seemingly unlike things


  4. OC questionrepition of consanant sounds, generaly at the begining of words.
    -emphasis words
    -reinforce meaning
    -create musical effect


  5. linking verbform of to be
    -by itself


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