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  1. characters
  2. past participle
  3. george eliot
  4. object complement verbs
  5. rhyme
  1. a -make
  2. b silas marner
  3. c induv. of literacy work
    -main characters(central character)
    -minor character(few personality traits)
    -round character(varied/contradicting traits)
    -flat character(no personal traits)
    -dynamic character(changes in story)
    -flat character(remains same in story)
  4. d repitition of same stressed vowel sounds and any suceeding sounds in two or more words
    -end rhyme(end of the lines)
    -internal rhyme(within single line of poetry)
    -slant rhyme(words include souds that are simular but not identical, involves variation of concancance which is the repitition of consanants, and assonace which is the repition of vowels
  5. e end in -ed, -en, or irregulars

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  1. have puncuation
  2. sequenvce of events in narrative work
    -begins with exposition(intro. of characteristics/setting/conflict)
    -riasing action(builds suspense)
    -climax(turning point, great suspense)
    -falling action
  3. where, when, why, what fasion
  4. makes comparison between 2 unlike things
    -implies underline simujlarity and doesn't use words "like"/"as"
  5. clauses have own subject and verb, phrases do not

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  1. haiku3 lines of 5,7,5 sylables about nature and love
    -japanese poetry


  2. all teachers can praise danceauthor, title, city, publisher, date


  3. rhyme schemepattern of rhyme at end of each line


  4. IDO asksS-V-DO-to whom/what


  5. masque of the red death-by: Edgar Allen Poe
    -married cousin, dies at 40, whole family died of terbuculosis)
    -mood(emotional quality of work and atmosphere
    -Prince Prospero with 7 rooms symbols Shakespeares stages of life