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The Nature of Art and Creativity

Vocabulary List and study games
Work of Art
is the visual expression of an idea or experience formed with skill through the use of a medium
a material and its accompanying technique
The plural of Medium
Mixed media
Art made with a combination of differnt materials.
The Arts
this usually refers to music, dance, theater, literature, and the visual arts.
Purposes and functions of art
Communication, Utilitarian, Worship/Ritual, Personal Expression, Social Causes, Visual Delight
Art for communicating Information
Throughout history art has been used for imparting information and ideas.
Art for day to day living
Most societies value the artistic embellishment of everyday things. From ancient Persian dishes to 21st century electric powered motorcycles, artists design to delight the eye and serve useful functions.
Art for worship and ritual
In many societies art has a spiritual component. Throughout history beautiful objects have been created to aid in prayer, contemplation, worship, magic, and ceremony.
Art for personal expression
We all share the basic human need to know and be known by others. Artists meet this need by expressing their personalities, feelings, or worldviews in art.
Art for social causes
Artists in many societies have used their artwork to criticize or influence public opinion.
Art for visual delight
Art can provide pleasure, amusement, diversion, and embellishment of our world.
French for "to glue" a technique in which pictures are cut, assembled and glued in place. Associated with the work of Romare Bearden.
The source of all art, science, and technology, in fact all of civilization, is human imagination, or creative thinking.
Outsider Artists
These artists are largely unaware of art history or the trends of their time.
Folk Artists
These artist are part of an established tradition of style, theme and craftsmanship.
Meaning, saints, they were the common religious subject for a folk tradition within the American Southwest.
Fine artist
An artist who is academically trained.
Children's art
They use a universal visual language. All over the world, drawings by children ages two - six show similar stages of mental growth.
A dictionary definition states: The expression or application of creative skill and imagination, especially through a visual medium such as painting and sculpture.