15 terms

The coustitution article 2 section 1 page 236-238

what is the term of the president? what is the term of the vice- President?
Both President and Vice- President have the same 4-year term.
How is the President elected?
First the people of the state vote in November, and then in December the Electoral College elects the President and president.
Define the Electoral College.
The electoral college is the group that elect the president and vice-president .Each state gets the same number of"electors"equal to the number of Representatives the have in Congress. Washington D.C.has 3 electors beacuse of amemdent23.
Why was section1 clause 3 changed?
Originally, the person with the most votes was the vice-president. this did not work well with the different political parties.
when do the "people"vote? when do the "electors" vote?
the people vote on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November (every other even year). Electors vote on the Monday after 2th Wednesday in December,every other even year
What are the qualifications to be President? What are the qualifications to be Vice President?
They must have the same qualifications such as be a natural born citizen of the united states , be at least 25 years old, and Reside (live) in the U.S. at least 14 years.
Who replaces the president if he/she can no long serve?
The vice- president replaces the president(see amendent25)
What rules affect the President salary?
The president's may not be raised or lowered during a term . Congress sets the salary. the president cannot receive any other salaries during his/her term
what is the president's oath of office?
the president must promise to faithfully carry out the duties of the job and make sure that the constitution is obeyed of office
What is the president's role as Commander in Chief
as commander in chief, the president commands is the charge of the armed forces9marines, navy army, air force, national guard
explain the presidents' cabinet.
the cabinet is made up of the heads of the executive departments. it is the job of the president to be the boss of all the department heads
What Treaty and appointment powers does the president have?
the president may make agreements with foreign countries but these agreement must supreme court justices and governmental official. all must be approved by a majority. all must be approved by a majority vote of the senate.
What is the president duties does the president have?
the president has legislative , diplomatic, executive and military duties.
what is the president's role as chief Executive?
the president must faithfully carry out the laws of our country
what is the procedure for removing the president from office? the president, vice president or other ofofficwes can be impeached
impeachment must begin in the house of representative
impeachment trails must be tried in the senate
the chief justice presides if the president is on trail
treason,taking bribes, felonies are misdemeanors are reasons for impeachment
the punishment if found guilty is removal from office