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  1. establish
  2. reluctant
  3. numerous
  4. reassurance
  5. pursuit
  1. a the act of giving comfort or the state of receiving comfort
  2. b the act of following after; an activity, as a job or sport, that a person takes part in
  3. c to set up or begin; to show to be true
  4. d not wanting to do something; unwilling
  5. e a large number; very many

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  1. easy to get; present and ready for use
  2. happening once in a while
  3. a longing or strong desire
  4. excellent of its kind; higher in position or rank; a person of higher rank
  5. something that has been established, especially a place of business or a public building

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  1. liberateto keep away from; to avoid being caught; to avoid doing or answering


  2. bondageto give to those in need, often through an organization


  3. oppositionthe act or condition of being against


  4. prohibitto forbid by law or order


  5. donateto give to those in need, often through an organization