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the supplies or materials an artist uses


When everything feels like it belongs together


Where your eye travels throughout an artwork


Objects repeated


Where your eye goes first; the focal point


When you have movement and repetition in the same work


Dark and light, colors, black and white, texture, size, etc.

Cross contour

3-D image using lines; like a computer image


3-dimensional and encloses volume; gives the illusion of solidarity or mass


the degree of lightness or darkness of a color or tone


a very slow change from one value to another


smoothness of form/values

Negative Space

space the tends to go back or recede

MC Escher

Illusion artist. "Sky and Water" "Drawing Hands" "Hand with Reflecting Sphere" "Waterfall"

Rene Magritte

Illusion artist. "The Son of Man" "The Human Condition" "The Lovers"


visual trick on the eye


an element of design that is 2-D and encloses an area

Alfred Steiglitz

Helped secure photography as an art. photographed human faces, New York, and nature. Magazine Editor and owned galleries.

Dorothea Lang

known for her photographs of great depression. "Migrant Mother"

Ansel Adams

photographed American landscapes (mostly the west).

Georgia O' Keeffe

Woman artist. married Alfred Steiglitz. painted more than 200 flowers.

Charley Harper

Cincinnati Artist. Began as a commercial illustrator with "The Golden Book of Biology" and "Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two cookbook." Contributed images to the Ford Motor co's magazine: "Ford Times" Began silk-screen prints of wildlife/geometric wildlife


the look of space or distance


visual order or organization


page design


guidelines for designing

time, subject, media, method, idea/problem

5 parts to an art problem


a basic part of art

overlapping, contrast in values, scale/size change

3 ways to achieve depth

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