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  1. differentiation
  2. asexual reproduction
  3. mitosis
  4. meiosis
  1. a creates offspring that are identical to parents
  2. b process produces four cells, each with half the chromosomes of the parent
  3. c process that produces two cells, each with the same number of chromosomes as the parent
  4. d when cells in a developing organism start to become different from one another

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  1. cells with only half the organizisms genetic material
  2. when a new nucleas is placed in a cell in which the original nucleus has been removed
  3. produces offspring with genetic variation
  4. a cell split tha produces two identical cells
  5. half the genetic makeup comes from one parent, half from the other

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  1. chromosomesthis is the process that produces new cells in a zygote


  2. cloningproduces the same result as asexual reproduction


  3. asexual reproductionproduces offspring with genetic variation


  4. mitosiscell devision that happens during cloning


  5. meiosisa cell split that produces two gametes