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  1. The change in the inherited characteristics of an organism over generations; sometimes quick, sometimes slow...depends on environment.
  2. Process by which organisms make more of their own kind. Can be sexual or asexual.
  3. The part of the experiment that I (get it...I) control. This is what you are isolating.
  4. The transmission of traits (via genes) from one generation to the next.
  5. The maintenance of stable internal conditions in an organism.
  6. The group in an experiment that is lacking (as best as possible) the effects of the IV.

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  1. MetabolismA change in the DNA sequence of a gene. This can lead to genetic diversity.


  2. ExperimentA controlled way of isolating 1 variable (IV) and comparing the result with a control (does not have IV applied)


  3. Scientific LawNOT a guess!!! Theories attempt to EXPLAIN observations and experimental results. This leads to more questions that create more hypothesis that can support or reject the theory. Ex: There is no theory of gravity because scientists don't know enough about it to explain it well enough to agree on a theory.


  4. Scientific TheoryLaws allow scientiest to make predictions. Usually associated with a formula. Ex: Law of gravity allows us to make predictions about the force of gravity.


  5. BiologyThe study of how organisms interact with their environment.


  6. EcologyThe study of life.