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  1. Things that must remain the same between the experimental group AND the control group.
  2. An educated answer to a question based on past experiences and current understandings.
  3. The change in the inherited characteristics of an organism over generations; sometimes quick, sometimes slow...depends on environment.
  4. All of the genes in an organism, including mitochondrial DNA.
  5. The maintenance of stable internal conditions in an organism.
  6. These are the results of an experiment; what you are measuring. The data for the experimental group and control group is usually expected to be different.

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  1. Control GroupThe group in an experiment that is lacking (as best as possible) the effects of the IV.


  2. ExperimentAll of the genes in an organism, including mitochondrial DNA.


  3. MutationA change in the DNA sequence of a gene. This can lead to genetic diversity.


  4. MetabolismThe sum of all chemical reactions in an organism. Consists of anabolism (builds things and consumes energy) and catabolism (breaks things down and releases energy).


  5. Scientific TheoryLaws allow scientiest to make predictions. Usually associated with a formula. Ex: Law of gravity allows us to make predictions about the force of gravity.


  6. BiologyThe study of how organisms interact with their environment.