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11H Vocab 10a


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absolve: v
free of guilt; pardon; forgive
acolyte: n
novice; young assistant
altruistic: adj
apostate: n
a renegade; one who deserts his principles
archetype: n
classic example of
assiduous: adj
attentive; diligent
atrophy: v
waste away
banal: adj
commonplace; boringly ordinary
buttress: v
support; prop up
cache: n
hiding place
cavil: v
find petty fault with
chicanery: n
deception by sharp practice
diabolic: adj
fiendish; devilish
duplicity: n
emollient: n
a preparation that softens the skin
engender: v
to cause
exigency: n.
pressing need
feign: v
hedonist: n
lover of pleasure
homily: n
innocuous: adj
jingoist: n
extreme nationalist
meander: v
wander aimlessly
mitigate: v
moderate; soften; lessen
modicum: n
a small amount
morass: n
bog; swamp
nominal: adj
in name only
nonentity: n
a person of no importance; not famous
noxious: adj
harmful; poisonous
perennial: adj
continually occurring; enduring