25 terms

AP Psych Chp 12

Simultaneous existence of incompatible demands, opportunities, needs, or goals
Approach/approach conflict
According to Lewin, the result of simultaneous attraction to two appealing possibilities, neither of which had any negative consequences
Avoidance/avoidance conflict
According to Lewin, the result of facing two undesirable possibilities, neither of which has any positive qualities
Approach/avoidance conflict
According to LEwin, the result of being simultaneously attracted to and repelled by the same goal
Acknowledging a streaaful situation directly and attempting to find a solution to the problem or attain the difficult goal
Any environmental demand that creates a state of tension or threat and requires change or adaptation
Any effort to cope with stress
HEalth Psychology
A subfield with in psychology concerned with the relationship between psychological factors and physical health and illness
A feeling that one must speed up, intensify, or change the direction of one's behavior or live up to a higher standard of performance
The feeling that occurs when a person is prevented from reaching a goal
Attributing one's own repressed motives, feelings. or wishes to others
Taking on the characteristics of someone else to avoid feeling incompetent
Reverting to childlike behavior and defenses
Thinking abstractly about stressful problems as a way of detaching oneself from the problem
Reaction formation
Expression of exaggerated ideas and emotions that are the opposite of one's repressed beliefs or feelings
Deciding on a more realistic solution or goal whan an ideal solution or goal is not practical
Avoiding a situation when other forms of coping are not practical
Defense Mechanisms
Self-deceptive techniques for reducing stress, including denial, repressiong, projection, identification, etc.
REfusal to acknowledge a painful or threatening reality
Excluding uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and desires from consciousness
Shifting repressed motives and emotions frmo an original object to a substitute object
Redirecting repressed motives and feelings into more socially acceptable channels
General adaptation syndrome
According to Selye, the three stages the body passes through as it adapts to stress: alarm reaction, resistance, and exhaustion
A field of medicine that studies the interaction between stress on the one hand adn immune, endocrine, and nervous system activity on the other
Posttraumatic stress disorder
Psychological disorder characterized by episodes of anxiety, sleeplessness, and nightmares resulting from some disturbing event in the past