APUSH Colonialism and Idependence

colonial women
women outlive men, had leverage in marriage, and single women were criticized (Salem Witch Trials)
"View of Empire"
Americans were generally loyal subjects and proud to be part of Britain
Salutary Neglect
Stretched from the end of the Glorious Revolution to Sugar Act. Britain did not meddle with the colonies
Greatly effected Colonies b/c of high literacy rates. Ideas spread through colleges. Base of republicanism and revolutionary ideals later seen ex. John Locke = natural rights
Common Sense
Thomas Paine in 1775 justified independence from Britain
On the Necessity of Taking Up Arms
John Dickinson, 1775, Explained the policies colonists had objection with
Letters From a Penn. Farmer
Dickinson, no taxations w/o representation
Boston Masacre
Done by Paul Revere, made the British look evil/belligerent, colonists seemed innocent.
Post Rev. Mindset
wanted reform
principal cash crop before the cotton gin
Treaty of Paris (1763)
France ceded land to UK. UK Became the dominant power in Eastern America. After French and Indian War
Opposition to Townshend Acts
boycotts, nonimportation, making their own stuff.
Townshend Acts
laws placed new taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea
Boston Tea Party
Revolt against Tea Acts
Navigation Acts
Acts preventing the colonies from trading with anyone besides Britain. Expands British trade and limits colonies trade.
Government policy of trying to make more $. Benefit mother country provided protection
Declaratory Act
What Parliament says is final. In response to the repeal of the Stamp Act
Proclamation of 1763
Can't settle east of Appalachian
Church of England, Brought to colonies
Persecuted in Protestant England. Settled in MD
Persecuted in England, settled in NE, intolerant of other religions. Believed in predestination.
(AKA Society of Friends, named Quakers because one of their most prominent speakers shook as he spoke) : Persecuted, settled in PA, tolerant.
Holy experiment, allowed all religions to settle, sold land cheap, encouraged immigration (Attracted mostly Germans who moved to Lehigh Valley)
John Peter Zenger
Newspaper owner, his trial gave more freedom of press
Headright system
Gov't gave land to wealthy who sent people from UK to work the land to get people over to America
First English settlement, settled to make money, disease ridden, fought with Indians
Settled by Separatists in 1620, avoided persecution.
Olive Branch Petition
signed 1775, begged George III to end war
Poor Richards Almanak
By B. Franklin, spread Enlightenment ideas to colonies