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  1. Ignatius of Antioch
  2. Matthias
  3. Religious
  4. Ananias
  5. Philip
  1. a Live a vowed/consecrated life in community
  2. b a. Bishop was imprisoned and taken to Rome for execution
    b. Is famous for writing many letters to various Christian communities

    His letters helped clarify the hierarchical structure of the Patriarchal Church
  3. c Chosen and ordained by the Apostles to replace Judas as an apostle
  4. d The leader of the Christians Community in Damascus who baptized Paul
  5. e First to baptize Samaritans

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  1. The emperor of Rome at the end of the fourth century, he made Christianity the official religion and made paganism illegal
  2. Apocalyptic - await the war between the "Sons of Light" vs. the "Sons of Darkness"b. Monastic (separated in Society)
    c. Temple worship had become corrupted
    d. Wrote Dead Sea Scrolls
  3. • The Egyptian Goddess of the Earth
  4. Teaching of false doctrine
  5. Rock; 1st pope; made episcopacy by Jesus; First to baptize "God-fearer" Gentiles

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  1. Council of Nicaea1. Called by Constantine in 325 to resolve the controversy caused by Arian heresy

    Council Fathers states that Jesus does share in the same substance of the father, they uphold the Mystery of Incarnation


  2. OrdinaryPort-city; Prosperous town; Very successful among God-Fearers, but failed among Jewish community


  3. SilasOne of the Cities Paul went to on his missionary journey


  4. LukeLeads and teaches the world Church community, he is the leader of the bishops, Supreme pastor


  5. PresbyterPriests, they lead smaller local communities within a diocese under the authority of the local bishop, their ministry is largely teaching and sacramental