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  1. Catechist
  2. Judaizers
  3. Pagan
  4. Barnabus
  5. Bishop
  1. a Lead and teach local communities based in cities. They assume that the doctrine that is taught within their diocese (region of authority) is orthodox doctrine, and that faithful lead an authentically Christian life.
  2. b Sent by the Church in Jerusalem to investigate the community in Antioch
  3. c Someone who follows and worships a pagan god (Roman sun god for example)
  4. d A teacher of the catechumen
  5. e A group of Jewish-Christians who believed that Chritstians still needed to follow the law of Moses/circumcision in order to be saved
    false teachers who instructed believers that they must obey the Law of Moses or at least certain parts of it to be saved
    derogatory term used to describe Jewish Christian groups

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  1. A leader of Philippi Community
  2. Athenians were impressed with Paul's scholarship, but laughed at the idea of Christ's Resurrection
  3. Main bishop of a diocese
  4. Ruling council of Jerusalem, made up of Pharisees and Sadducees
  5. Words that recall the events of the Last Supper, at which the Eucharist is confected

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  1. MithrasSun god of Rome, from Persian


  2. Rabbinic JudaismThe summary of church doctrine


  3. HomoousiosOf the same substance or being


  4. HeresyTeaching of false doctrine


  5. Edict of Milan1. Begins his rule at the end of the 3rd century
    2. He is a very strong emperor
    3. To help facilitate the administration of the empire he establishes the Tetrarchy (Rule of Four)
    He divides the empire into east and west
    In each region he establishes an Augustus (emperor) and Caesar ("vice-emperor")
    4. To insure imperial unity, he renews the empire-wide persecution of Christians


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