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  1. Gnostics
  2. Athens
  3. Theodosius
  4. Matthias
  5. Peter
  1. a Chosen and ordained by the Apostles to replace Judas as an apostle
  2. b The emperor of Rome at the end of the fourth century, he made Christianity the official religion and made paganism illegal
  3. c Rock; 1st pope; made episcopacy by Jesus; First to baptize "God-fearer" Gentiles
  4. d Neo-Platonic; Radical Dualism: Spirit = Good, Material Nature = Evil; Jesus is not really human
  5. e Athenians were impressed with Paul's scholarship, but laughed at the idea of Christ's Resurrection

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  1. The office or authority of pope
  2. Are the members of the church who sacrificed to idols to save their own life, who were eventually given amnesty and allowed to return to the church community
  3. Priests, they lead smaller local communities within a diocese under the authority of the local bishop, their ministry is largely teaching and sacramental
  4. Live a vowed/consecrated life in community
  5. • He preached to Gentiles, and was another on who was involved in the making of the Gospel

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  1. Bishop• The Egyptian Goddess of the Earth


  2. BarnabusSent by the Church in Jerusalem to investigate the community in Antioch


  3. God-FearersA group of Jewish-Christians who believed that Chritstians still needed to follow the law of Moses/circumcision in order to be saved
    false teachers who instructed believers that they must obey the Law of Moses or at least certain parts of it to be saved
    derogatory term used to describe Jewish Christian groups


  4. CatholicA teacher of the catechumen


  5. PacifistA teacher of the catechumen