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  1. Nero
  2. Peter
  3. Christology
  4. Deacon
  5. Gnostics
  1. a • The ruler of Rome, he was accused of causing a fire that burned down 2/3 of the city, so he pinned the blame on the Christians and had many persecuted and killed, including Paul
  2. b Assist the bishop in pastoral ministry with a parish
  3. c Rock; 1st pope; made episcopacy by Jesus; First to baptize "God-fearer" Gentiles
  4. d Neo-Platonic; Radical Dualism: Spirit = Good, Material Nature = Evil; Jesus is not really human
  5. e • Way of viewing Jesus Christ

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  1. 1. Called by Constantine in 325 to resolve the controversy caused by Arian heresy

    Council Fathers states that Jesus does share in the same substance of the father, they uphold the Mystery of Incarnation
  2. A teacher of the catechumen
  3. a. Priestly class
    b. They live according to written Torah only
    c. They did not believe in Life after Death or Final Judgment
    d. Ruling Party of Judaism
  4. Of the same substance or being
  5. • One of the cities traveled to by Paul during his Second Missionary Journey, the Gospel was accepted by both Jews and God-Fearers

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  1. ApologistsAmong the first to apply the disciples of Greek philosophy to Christian thought/revelations ---> First systematic theologians


  2. JohnHe answered the two heresys and he was the one who preached Jesus as the "Logos"


  3. PhariseesRabbiesa. They live according to the written and oral Torah
    b. Life after Death; Final Judgment
    c. They feel that Temple worship has been corrupted because of Priest collaboration with the Romans


  4. PaulApostle to the Gentiles


  5. ReligiousLive a vowed/consecrated life in community