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  1. Corinth
  2. Associate Bishop
  3. John
  4. Papacy
  5. Arianism
  1. a He answered the two heresys and he was the one who preached Jesus as the "Logos"
  2. b He helps the pastor and the minister during the parish
  3. c Port-city; Prosperous town; Very successful among God-Fearers, but failed among Jewish community
  4. d A heresy that denied Jesus's divinity
  5. e The office or authority of pope

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  1. One of the Cities Paul went to on his missionary journey
  2. The bishop of Alexandria, Egypt; he opposed the Arians
  3. One who is preparing for baptism
  4. a. Priestly class
    b. They live according to written Torah only
    c. They did not believe in Life after Death or Final Judgment
    d. Ruling Party of Judaism
  5. One who dies for his/her faith

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  1. HomoousiosThe emperor of Rome at the end of the fourth century, he made Christianity the official religion and made paganism illegal


  2. AnaniasThe leader of the Christians Community in Damascus who baptized Paul


  3. CatholicOf or including all Christians


  4. MarkThey preached mainly to persecuted Christians in Rome one another who was involved in the making of the Gospel


  5. BishopSun god of Rome, from Persian