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  1. James
  2. Catechist
  3. Arianism
  4. Christology
  5. Athens
  1. a A heresy that denied Jesus's divinity
  2. b Leader of the Jerusalem Church
  3. c A teacher of the catechumen
  4. d Athenians were impressed with Paul's scholarship, but laughed at the idea of Christ's Resurrection
  5. e • Way of viewing Jesus Christ

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  1. Program of study in preparation for baptism
  2. Among the first to apply the disciples of Greek philosophy to Christian thought/revelations ---> First systematic theologians
  3. The leader of the Christians Community in Damascus who baptized Paul
  4. Rabbiesa. They live according to the written and oral Torah
    b. Life after Death; Final Judgment
    c. They feel that Temple worship has been corrupted because of Priest collaboration with the Romans
  5. People who had renounced their faith

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  1. MarkThey preached mainly to persecuted Christians in Rome one another who was involved in the making of the Gospel


  2. ReligiousLive a vowed/consecrated life in community


  3. ApostatesNeo-Platonic; Radical Dualism: Spirit = Good, Material Nature = Evil; Jesus is not really human


  4. OrdinaryA leader of Philippi Community


  5. Associate BishopA teacher of the catechumen