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  1. Deacons/Deaconess
  2. Heresy
  3. Athanasius
  4. Luke
  5. Ignatius of Antioch
  1. a a. Bishop was imprisoned and taken to Rome for execution
    b. Is famous for writing many letters to various Christian communities

    His letters helped clarify the hierarchical structure of the Patriarchal Church
  2. b Teaching of false doctrine
  3. c They are responsible for the pastoral care within a dioceses. They preside over baptism
  4. d The bishop of Alexandria, Egypt; he opposed the Arians
  5. e • He preached to Gentiles, and was another on who was involved in the making of the Gospel

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  1. Apocalyptic - await the war between the "Sons of Light" vs. the "Sons of Darkness"b. Monastic (separated in Society)
    c. Temple worship had become corrupted
    d. Wrote Dead Sea Scrolls
  2. Assist the bishop in pastoral ministry with a parish
  3. She preached Gospel that was received well by God-Fearers but rejected by Jews
  4. • Roman (Greek) God of healing and medicine
  5. Justin was famous for his philosophical defenses, Apologies of Christianity. He was an apologist.

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  1. BishopLead and teach local communities based in cities. They assume that the doctrine that is taught within their diocese (region of authority) is orthodox doctrine, and that faithful lead an authentically Christian life.


  2. IsisOne of the Cities Paul went to on his missionary journey


  3. CatholicOf or including all Christians


  4. MarkThey preached mainly to persecuted Christians in Rome one another who was involved in the making of the Gospel


  5. CatechistA teacher of the catechumen