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Mr. Satinoff Tuesday, January 10th test. A + WON!!!

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Acronym for DNA stands for?


What is the sugar that makes up the backbone called?

Thymine, Cytosine, Adenine and Guanine

What are the 4 nitrogen containing bases of DNA?

Cytosine and Thymine

Which of the bases are single ringed pyrimidines?

Adenine and Guanine

Which of the bases are double ringed purines?


What base matches with cytosine in DNA?


Which base matches with adenine in DNA?

Double Helix

What is the shape of DNA?

Weak Hydrogen Bonds

What bonds hold the nitrogen containing base pairs together in the center of the molecule of DNA?

Covalent Bonds

What type of bond holds the nitrogen containing bases to the sugar/phosphate backbone of the DNA molecule?


The process of copying or making new DNA is called?


What enzyme breaks the bonds in the center of DNA to unzip the molecule or separate the chains of DNA?

Replication Fork

The point at which the 2 chains of DNA separate

DNA polymerase

Moves along the 2 separated chains, new chains are assembled complimentary to the existing chain.


Consists of a sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen containing base pair.


A change in a nucleotide sequence

ribonucleic acid

The acronym RNA stands for


The sugar in RNA


Sugar ending


Instead of thymine, an RNA molecule contains this base


What does adenine match with in RNA?


What does guanine match with in RNA?

messenger RNA

mRNA stands for

Single strand 1/2 ladder

The structure of mRNA is what shape?

mRNA Function

Carries genetic information from DNA to ribosome

Transfer RNA

tRNA stands for?

Clover T-shape

tRNA structure?

tRNA function

Writes the code from mRNA and ensembles amino acids into polypeptide chain proteins

Ribosomal RNA

rRNA stands for?


rRNA structure?

rRNA function

rRNA + Protein = Ribosome


Process of making a strand of mRNA from DNA is called?


Where does translation occur?


Where does transcription occur?


The process of assembling polypeptides from mRNA (making proteins) is called?


What is composed of rRNA and proteins, they are free in the cytosol and attached to the rear.

Nuclear Pore

When the mRNA leaves the nucleus to go to the ribosome, from where does it leave?


Start codon that engages the ribosome to being translation


Stop codons that cause the ribosome to stop translation


Each combination of 3 nucleotides is called a?

Amino Acid

Each codon codes for a specific what?

Divide by 3 = 5

If a chain of bases is 15 nucleotides in length how many amino acids could be produced?


Amino acids form a polypeptide chain also known as a what?


Enzyme ending

Replication, Transcription, Translation

Protein synthesis order? (Alpha)

8 carbons

How many carbons in a purine?

6 carbons

How many carbons in a pyrimidine?


What is double carbon?


What is single carbon?

Peptide Bonds

Holds amino acids together to make proteins


Enzyme that zips hydrogen bonds


What occurs in the nucleus ONLY!!!?


What is 60% of a humans dry weight?

1 amino acid

Every 3 bases=?


3 amino acids = how many base pairs?


Percent of bases must equal?

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