SS7G5 Middle East Geography


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Persian Gulf
Main way oil is shipped form the rich fields of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries along its shoreline.
Strait of Hormuz
Any ships coming in or out of the Persian Gulf must navigate this narrow waterway
Suez Canal
Man made to allow ships access to the Mediterrandean sea without having to sail around the continent of Africa
Dead Sea
Has no fish due to a high concentration of salts and other chemicals
Country which has two of the largest rivers in the Middle East. They form into one river called the Shatt al-Arab.
Country formed in 1948 by the United Nations as a homeland for Jewish people of the world.
supplying land with water through a network of canals
Underground aquifers
layers of underground rock where water runoff from rains and streams is trapped
process of removing salt and other chemicals from seawater
fossil water
water that has been underground for centuries
a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two large areas of water.
a deep inlet of the sea almost surrounded by land, with a narrow mouth
Arable Land
land that can be used for growing crops.
Oil Reserves
An estimate of the amount of crude oil located in a particular economic region
Euphrates and Tigris Rivers
flows from through Syria and Iraq and jointo form the Shatt-al-Arab near the Persian Gulf.
Jordan River
a river in Israel that empties into the Dead Sea
Gaza Strip
Was occupied by Israel 1967-94; since 1994 under Palestinian self-rule.
Water Rights
the right to make use of the water from a particular stream, lake, or irrigation canal.
Population Density
the number of people living per unit of an area (e.g. per square mile)
Subsistence Farming
farming whose products are intended to provide for the basic needs of the farmer
Natural Resources
the natural wealth of a country, consisting of land, forests, mineral deposits, water, etc.
an organization founded in 1960 of nations that export large amounts of petroleum: formed to establish oil-exporting policies and set prices.
Red Sea
It is linked to the Mediterranean Sea by the Suez Canal
Arabian Sea
Bordered by India to East, Pakistan and Iran to the North and the Arabian Peninsula to the West.
Mediterranean Sea
A sea surrounded by Africa, Europe and Asia. It is also important for trade.